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glandular fever

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allag Wed 16-Feb-11 15:22:30

poor DD (nearly four) has just been diagnosed after a horrible, horrible week of fever up to 41 degrees and a very very inflamed throat. I would really appreciate any advice on how to deal with it - other than managing the fever and keeping up the fluids - and anyone who has experienced it at a similar age. how long is it likely to last? today is day five and she still has a sky-high fever. Thanks so much.

Sirzy Wed 16-Feb-11 15:27:28

I have no experience of it at that age! I had it at 15 and it took me about 5 months to get over it, but mine was quite a bad case. I had to have bloods done every 2 weeks to monitor everything. Other than that most of the time it was a case of lots of rest (I only went to school part time for about 3 months) and treating other symptoms as they occured.

Hope she feels better soon

allag Wed 16-Feb-11 15:30:17

OMG. the doc said children get over it quicker and i do hope he is right. thank you. what bad luck. sad

Sirzy Wed 16-Feb-11 15:32:17

I have heard the younger you get it the less serious it is. I would basically do what you have said and monitor the fluids and temp an then see how she goes, some days she will have more energy than others! Some people get over it within a few weeks.

allag Wed 16-Feb-11 20:06:37

thank you. the fever is relentless - it's nearly been a week but it's not letting up. sad.

bigdonna Thu 17-Feb-11 19:43:16

hi my friends little boy 4yrs has just had it .he was ill before xmas for about two weeks with athroat infection but a week after he was told he had it he went back to school i suppose it depends how tired she is or ill with it every case is different i also had in my teens and it took months to get better!! good luck

sneezecakesmum Thu 17-Feb-11 22:25:59

Has it been confirmed with a blood test?
Try NHS choices for info. and patient UK.
Poor poor DD, sounds absolutely dreadful for her.

allag Sat 19-Feb-11 14:41:54

thank you. yes it was confirmed by the test - only after we changed about four doctors because everyone kept saying she had tonsillitis but she just kept getting worse and worse and antibiotics (she was on three at one stage!!!!) were not helping. She seems to be getting over it now. no fever for a couple of days and although glands still enlarged, generally she is a lot better. i really do hope it is easier on little ones - i have a sixteen month old too and am dreading her coming down with it! really is a nasty thing.

sneezecakesmum Sat 19-Feb-11 22:23:55

Its also called 'the kissing disease' so close contact is needed. having said that children are always kissing toddlers and vice versa! Its not violently contageous like chicken pox, so you may be lucky x

allag Sun 20-Feb-11 10:00:24

fingers crossed. they are all over each other all the time and there seems to be no way of stopping it! and of course DD2 stuffs everything in her mouth.. x

scubagoose Thu 09-Jun-11 21:39:20

Can I ask how long it ended up lasting? My ds now 5 has had glandular fever since Easter. Just when I thought he was better his glands are like golf balls again.. No temperatures now but not eating much as his throat is so swollen. He was skinny to start so thin..bless him

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