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12wo, blood at base of penis

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vmcd28 Thu 10-Feb-11 18:21:40

Last week I was changing ds2's nappy, and noticed a thin line of dried blood along the crease where the penis is attached to the body, if that makes sense, almost like a paper cut. Anyway, there was no evidence of it at the next nappy change.
But today, it had happened again, a little further round. This time the blood was fresh. I gently wiped it away, and a tiny amount of blood reappeared.
I assume this is just an irritation (due to being out and about, the nappy had been on for longer than usual, around 6hrs)? I haven't put anything on it, but should I put Sudocrem on?

Thanks :-)

DrSeuss Fri 11-Feb-11 09:51:28

DS had this, just a bit of cracked skin which we assumed was due to irritation. Bit of Sudocrem or Metanium fixed it.

vmcd28 Sun 13-Feb-11 11:00:31

Thanks for the reply. Happened again yesterday but vanished quickly again. Very odd.

DrSeuss Sun 13-Feb-11 20:01:41

That seems to be the thing with nappy irritations. They come on fast and heal fast. Weird!

vmcd28 Fri 18-Feb-11 14:34:02

Aaargh! It's back! Each little crease on his Boaby is bright red and looks a bit cracked. Can't take him to doc today as I'm already babysitting my friend's son after school
Could it be thrush?

josephaedrus Sat 17-Jan-15 19:18:25

Don't know if you're still out there vmcd28? This has started happening to our son. Did you ever discover what caused it?


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