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Should we avoi swimming after ear infection (poss perforated eardrum)

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Wallace Wed 02-Feb-11 11:03:14

Ds2, age 4, had bad ear ache on Monday night. This morning I noticed brownish gunk in his ear. We usually go swimming on Thursdays and Sundays.

Am I right in thinking we should avoid swimming? for how long?

2shoes Wed 02-Feb-11 11:09:51

yes don't swim with it, ds had loads of trouble with his ear,when small and was always told not to swim by ENT doctors

Wallace Wed 02-Feb-11 12:00:24

Thanks. Will find somthing else to do to tire him out grin

girliefriend Thu 03-Feb-11 20:12:17

I take it you have got some antibiotics for him?

My dd had had lots of ear infections leading to glue ear and 2 sets of gromits sad however I have as much as poss kept her swimming and used silicone ear plugs and a head band to keep the water out. I would wait til the course of antibiotics have finished and then once ears and hearing are back to normal go back to swimming. If it is an ongoing issue look into ear plugs etc. I get my dds from barworth medical.

BettySwims Fri 02-Sep-11 10:28:58

Girliefriend is right about the earplugs and headband, they are fantastic! I luckily haven't had this problem myself but I'm a swimming teacher so I've seen a lot of parents who want to get their kids back in the pool after ear infections. There's a local store near me which sells the ear band-its so I send everyone there - I think they sell online too - swim stop. All good reports back so far!

cmt1375 Fri 02-Sep-11 10:31:21

when you do go back, dry their ears after swimming with a hair dryer so the water doesn't linger, this was a tip given to me by a consultant.

mistlethrush Fri 02-Sep-11 10:33:20

DS has a perforated ear drum and we use the silicone ear plugs and head band. But they don't fit snuggly in gunky ears so you have to wait for the infection to clear up before you go anyway.

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