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2 Year Old Developmental Review??

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bunny234 Sun 23-Jan-11 16:24:44

Please can someone tell me, what the development review is and what it involves for a 2 year old? I received a letter from a health visiting team, asking me to phone to make an appointment for my son to have his developmental review, only I have no clue what this is or what is involved. If anyone has had the experience of one please could you let me know? I have had bad experiences with Health Visitors in the past, so I don't normally deal with them, and I dont remember my now 10 year old having one, or even being asked for one.

gabid Sun 23-Jan-11 20:52:51

We had the review a couple of months ago. The health visitor arrived with a form and it was basically just a question and answer session, ticking boxes. DD was asleep so the HV didn't even see her, but asked me to come to clinic to get her weight.

The questions were very basic, e.g. does she run, jump, say a few words etc, really nothing to worry about.

I had ds's at 2.6 months in december. He went to the HV's room and she had put toys out. She watched to see how he played, if he could build a tower. She asked what his understanding of instructions etc were and how his speech is. She weighed him and measured his height. Then at the end he got a bookstart bookbag which he is now still very proud of, bless him.

It also gives you the opportunity to say if anything is concerning you that may not be serious enough to go to the GP's about.

dribbleface Sun 23-Jan-11 20:58:16

I had to fill in a questionnaire before we went, they talked through it - stuff like can he say two words, combine words etc. He played with their toys (we have ours at local health centre). They commented on him having a dummy for sleep, I suggested i would remove it when i felt appropriate but not yet as he was having trouble settling at nursery.

It was fine, nice HV who agreed with me over dummy.

Don't feel intimidated!

We went to the room together BTW, didnt make that very clear

bunny234 Sun 23-Jan-11 21:29:08

Thanks so much for all the info, really has been worrying me as never had this with my eldest, and there was no leaflet or anything to explain what it was, but now I do, thanks guys much appreciated

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