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Threadworms YUK!

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SantosLHalper Sun 16-Jan-11 22:51:32

My dd has threadworms and I feel sick! She is in agony as they wiggle into her vagina at night and cause huge discomfort. Have just found them and feel completely nauseas and dirty even though I know they're hard to prevent. Bless her, she woke in agony and have had to wash her vagine and give her Calprofen.

This is the 3rd time she's had them - she had them twice when small and at nursery.

Getting medicine in the morning and have already bleahced bathroom like a mad woman. stripping beds and hoovering every room tomorrow....bleurggghhhhhh shock

I need a hug and a stiff drink!

OnEdge Sun 16-Jan-11 22:52:35


GypsyMoth Sun 16-Jan-11 22:56:12

They cause pain?!?

OnEdge Sun 16-Jan-11 22:56:14

sorry, i was a bit shocked then, just googled it and its common in girls, poor thing, here have a brandy.

Ellie5 Sun 16-Jan-11 22:56:36 and a Drambuie...

OnEdge Sun 16-Jan-11 22:56:54

i think they can go into urethra

SantosLHalper Sun 16-Jan-11 23:01:21

Thanks onedge, your first post did make me feel worse I must admit!

Tiffany, they secrete something that causes irritation. Some children suffer, some don't notice.

They wiggle up to the vagina and there is a risk if not dealt with of it being bad news. The first time she had them, I found them in her vagina and rand NHS direct in hysterics. They were so nice to me! So less shocked this time but its still nauseating to find worms in dd's vagina.


GypsyMoth Mon 17-Jan-11 09:00:25

Crikey!! Poor dd!

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