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traveling/flying with 4mo dd, not fully vaxed- very nervous

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chillichill Sun 16-Jan-11 09:24:40

I'm still struggling with the decision whether or not to
continue vaxinating my dd according to the current UK
schedule (but don't want this to be a thread about that please, we plan to vax, just not by current process).
she has had her 8 week jabs and that is it so far.
she is due her 12 week jabs on tuesday when she will be 16 weeks old. we are traveling a week later.

if it was not for the traveling I would just cancel the appt
until I had more time to research or arrange for single
vax . we will be travelling through 3 different airports and
on 2 planes each way which makes me fear what she
might be exposed to ( though the countries we are visiting
are not on the who list) . then again , having her second lot
of dtap/ hib / polio wont be giving her full immunity so is
there much point ? will she be more protected with the
second dose or was the first enough? I 'm just. so worried
about her being exposed to so many people from all over
in the airports. do they sell baby surgical masks? ( joking ,
but if they did , I would buy one)
(posted in vaccination forum as well)

offmyrocker Sun 16-Jan-11 17:50:04

ChillChill - chill grin

I travelled with my 2month on planes and busy airports etc, before she had any vaccinations and she was fine. She did come back with a cold, but that was thanks to my niece having one and passing it on to her wink. Babies are hardy little things.

chillichill Sun 16-Jan-11 18:24:21

thanks but its so hard to relax about it knowing that if anything happened to her from a decision I made, u would never be able to forgive myself. damn, I knew parenting would be tough but I had no idea it was this hard.

thehairybabysmum Sun 16-Jan-11 18:32:38

Easy to say but try not to think about it as you have obviously got yourself into a cycle of overthinking the whole thing and all potential scenarios.

You have already had first vax done so you may as well get second dose, not really differenttothe first and she was ok after that. Just ignore your own questioning and do it i would say. Once you have had it done you will then be automatically out of the thinking process of trying to fathom out things that are simply not possible to calculate.

re the flying, book a bassinet and take a book as she will probably sleep most of journey. both mine did at that age.

You do need to chill

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