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Bloody conjuncitvitis - any tips?

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snugglejunkie Fri 14-Jan-11 10:58:01

DS (14mo) has had conjunctivitis since saturday.

Went to GP on monday & have some twice a day drops - bit of a battle to administer, but am convinced that some is going in with current method of putting a blob on clean little finger then squashing into corner of the squeezed-shut eye!

Have been bathing about 3times a day with cooled boiled water & cotton wool.

Using a clean towel every bathtime.

Keeping his hands as clean as poss for when he invariably rubs his eyes.

I thought it was getting better yest morn as eyes not as stuck together, but gunked up as day worn on and are no better today.

If there's any special secret tips, tricks or techniques to help it on its way then this is pretty much the place to find out I reckon!

snugglejunkie Fri 14-Jan-11 12:56:08

Argh - just realised that might sound like there is blood in his eyes!

There isn't, it was more a 'bloody fecking' type of bloody. Sorry.

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