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Abdominal Migraine

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lloydjam Fri 14-Jan-11 07:58:28

I am after any advice please ! My Dd1 is 11 and has had abdominal migraines for about 2 years. Her consultant has just increased her propanalol to 40mg twice a day but it hasnt had any affect. She is now on her third day off school and I am at a loss as to what to do. Does anyone else have any advice on how I can help my daughter as she is in a great deal of pain. thank you

Rachluis86 Sun 10-Mar-19 01:52:10

Hey, I am new to this site but I am desperately seeking advice from other parents. My 8 year old DS has started suffering from stomach migraines, this is what the Dr thinks and looking at the symptoms it seems to be the case, however, we are still waiting for the hospital referral to confirm this, though he is suffering so much now I am looking at taking him to a private hospital.

He has been suffering with belly pain on and off for years, he was diagnosed at around 6 with anxiety belly only recently it seems to be happening a lot more and with episodes of vomiting. He will usually wake with extreme pain and most likely vomits within a couple of hours, he will then feel slightly better, he may even seem himself then a couple of hours later it will happen again, then again, then he will be weak and exhausted and will need to sleep, usually about 3pm when he wakes he will also have a headache or he may feel better, he is usually so bubbly and happy and this is making him so down. He just lays in bed, he says he doesn't want to eat because he doesn't want to throw up but also sometimes cannot fave food. I've explained he will throw up regardless of eating or not of that's what his body needs to do. His dad lives and hour and half away and we have now found that car sickness has triggered off another attack which he has now had for 36 hours, the longest yet, though he has only currently been sick twice. I am at my whits end, I've never seen him so poorly and knocked out by something, he has suffered from ear infections since birth and always just carried on and never complains, seeing him in so much pain and so weak and not wanting to leave his bed is awful, nothing helps him. Please, if anyone has any advice to help him, please help me out. Apologies for the long post, I just wanted to explain everything.
Thanks in advance x

babayjane67 Wed 13-Mar-19 10:25:20

My 10yr old dds symptoms have been put down to am by the Dr &has put her in Pitzotifen tablets one every evening but can be upped tob2 or 3 if needs be.shes been on them 2 weeks now.
Hers seems to be connected to 'special occasions' such as sleepovers,weddings we've been to etc.we are hoping to try a sleepover this weekend as we stopped them all.
It started about 6/8 months ago.she was previously fine with sleepovers etc.shes go to stay in the tablets for 3-6months then come off then&see how she is.
So far so good but had no 'special occasions' yet since being in them so we will what happens when we do.
You could suggest Pitzotifen to yr Dr see what they say?
Hope u get some help with it.

Rachluis86 Wed 13-Mar-19 23:14:32

Hi, thanks for replying! Are her symptoms similar to my son's? We are still unsure of an actual diagnosis, it's been suggested by 3 drs that it's am but no tests done as of yet to rule anything else out.
I've seen a lot of posts stating that medication has been prescribed so I will suggest it when he gets his referral. Does your DD have any side effects?
Thanks again x

babayjane67 Tue 19-Mar-19 19:07:40

No she doesn't have any side affects so far.we think it's also linked to a change in her sleep habits ie with the sleepovers or if we go out somewhere&she's later to bed than usual&/or she's exited/worried about something.
She's had no tests other than blood tests which all came bk normal so Dr suggested it could be am.

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