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I'm a bit worried - is this just a tummy bug?

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sb6699 Fri 14-Jan-11 00:34:33

Before Christmas my 4 yo dd had what seemed to be a tummy bug but it went on for 2 weeks. We couldnt get an appointment with our GP but emergency doctor called us and said it wasnt unusual and it seemed to clear up.

Fast forward and it seems to have come back with a vengence. She's sleepy, has a temperature and cant keep anything down just the same as before but this time is also complaining of a headache and sore back.

She lost alot of weight last time round so I really dont want her to lose any more and I'm becoming worried about dehydration - her skin is very dry and her lips are starting to crack.

Would appreciate your thoughts as I'm now worrying myself sick that she has swine flu and the doctor has missed it - google really isnt my friend atm sad

Snowtiger Fri 14-Jan-11 00:39:56

Didn't want you to go unanswered - get her to a different doctor ASAP would be my advice - sounds awful. If your instinct tells you she's poorly then she is, dont second guess yourself.

sb6699 Fri 14-Jan-11 00:46:55

Thank you Snowtiger - think I just need a bit of handholding. I've never seen any of my dc's look so ill.

We have a walk-in centre in the same hospital as my gp's surgery so if our doctor wont see her first thing am planning just to take her in there.

I'm just really worried atm and dont want to go to bed until I know she's settled.

She's on the sofa awake atm but has no energy and hasnt moved off it all day.

dikkertjedap Fri 14-Jan-11 00:48:34

Can very well be swine flu, GPs missed it completely with my dd (mind you they didn't bother to test either as they were so confident that she didn't have it) - she ended up in hospital on oxygen and anti-biotic drip due to secondary infection. Try to give her frequent sips of water rather than quite a lot at once as it might make her vomit. There is a skinfold test I think on the NHS website to check for dehydration. If she doesn't wee then you know you have a problem and I would make my way to A&E rather than GP as hospital can give her fluids, GP cannot. This is a nasty flu going round. Not worth the risk in my opinion. Hope she feels better soon.

sb6699 Fri 14-Jan-11 00:50:11

Oh crap, she hasnt wee'd today.

dikkertjedap Fri 14-Jan-11 00:52:21

symptoms of dehydration

I will now search for the skinfold test

dikkertjedap Fri 14-Jan-11 00:54:22

testing for dehydration

sb6699 Fri 14-Jan-11 00:58:04

Thanks for that - her symptoms fit but I've done the skin pinch test and the nail bed test and they seem okay.

dikkertjedap Fri 14-Jan-11 01:03:19

I would just keep an eye on her and if she wakes up give her some sips of water. If you have one then those drinking bottles with a straw are quite good because even if they are sleepy they can take a sip without drenching themselves. Tomorrow make sure she has a wee though even if you have to offer sips every five minutes .... it really is important. Can you let her sleep with you? When dd was in hospital I slept next to her and every time she woke up I gave her a few sips from her bottle, we managed to avoid her needing a drip for fluids, several of the other LO where not so lucky and ended up on drips for fluids. Hope she gets better soon, such a worry.

sb6699 Fri 14-Jan-11 01:07:05

I've been using a sports bottle for her water but she's throwing up even tiny amounts.

Just spoken to NHS 24 and the emergency GP said that although its unlikely to be swine flu, if she deteriorates during the night to bring her round to him.

He is going to contact my GP to ensure she is seen first thing even if the surgery is busy.

Am going to take her into my bed just in case.

Thank you all for your concern.

sb6699 Sun 16-Jan-11 00:05:24

Just wanted to update you all.

Took dd to gp on Friday. He felt she was dehydrated, her heart rate was slightly fast and she was too quiet when being examined. Told us to take her to a&e where she was admitted and we've been here ever since.

No diagnosis other than something viral.

She's been on a drip and although her fluid levels are back to normal she's still very poorly.

dikkertjedap Sun 16-Jan-11 00:24:17

So sorry to hear that but at least she is in the best place at the moment with all help if necessary. Did they test for swine flu? My dd was discharged on Monday, but now got fever again and nasty cough ... so worried.

sb6699 Sun 16-Jan-11 00:50:56

They took samples of blood, urine and even snot for testing but haven't told me what for. I know her urine came back clear as they initially thought uti then revised that to "something viral".

Thanks for your links BTW convinced me to get her seen as soon as possible.

dikkertjedap Sun 16-Jan-11 02:01:46

Blood cultures takes several days, snot is probably to check for swine flu. If she starts coughing a lot and has difficulty breathing ask for chest X-ray (my dd was diagnosed with pneumonia because chest X-ray, lots of doctors had listened to her chest and all thought it was fine ... it totally was not fine). Pneumonia is one of the nasty secondary infections when body has been weakened by flu and is completely treatable as long as they are quick enough to diagnose (might need intra venous anti-biotics). The problem is something can be viral (flu) but it does not exclude child then developing a secondary bacterial infection. Anyway, you are in the best place possible and hopefully she will get better soon. Also, hope it is not too bad for you staying in the hospital (such a stressful time). All the best.

sb6699 Sun 16-Jan-11 10:12:46

Doctor has just been and said we will probably get home today. Her temp has come down and she is definitely a better colour than yesterday.

She's still very sleepy and has a nasty cough but he feels we could manage this at home.

Hope you're dd is feeling better dikker.

dikkertjedap Sun 16-Jan-11 14:28:24

Thanks, keep an eye on the cough. Also, you can ask doctor/nurse to show you how to take her pulse and how to check she breathes okay (no drawing in at ribs and/or neck). Given our bad experience (only finding out that dd had pneumonia when it was already advanced) I would ask if there is any risk of that (given the cough, sleepiness, etc.) and whether it makes sense to have X-ray (easy when you are in hospital difficult to obtain once discharged I think). Sorry, I might be overcautious, but we are just going through a really hard time, dd has raging fever again ...

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