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couple of things bothering me..

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amcateer Thu 13-Jan-11 21:58:33

Hey everyone, I have a couple of things I need to ask!

Firstly, weaning! My son is 19 weeks old and have tried him with baby rice and porridge he seemed to really be enjoy the food and the experience (laughing and giggling away), although he wasn't doing it on purpose he was spitting some out. I spoke to my HV about it and she said that I am still best to wait until 6 months because then he can go straight onto adult food (but to watch his salt intake and mash it obviously). I haven't really heard of this before and my sister thinks the same thing but my mum has agreed with my HV, quite confused. I don't feel that he need solids just yet and seems happy enough with his milk feed (BF every 3 or so hours). Any advice though?

Secondly, Sleep (or the lack of it!) Well I read that for my babies age he should be having 3 naps a day(5 hours total) and around 10 hours at night. During the day my son will have several naps and will only sleep for around 30-45 minutes at a time. Not really a problem because I know every baby is different but somes days I feel like he is contantly grumpy because hes tired but wont have a long enough sleep to refresh him which then leads him to be overtired at night. I start my bedtime routine at 7 oclock - which is when he goes for a bath. He is then out by atleast quarter past to get dried and get all his lotions and potions on (cream for eczema and medicince for teething). I put him in his bed after pyjamas are on usually around quarter to - 8 oclock and he falls asleep without any hassle (he also falls asleep no problem during the day). He will sleep for 15-30 minutes then get up which is when he is usually due a feed anyway (I've tried feeding him before bed but he just falls asleep and still gets up to have more), he has a sleepy feed and I try to keep him awake by burping him every few minutes but he seems to like this and falls asleep anyway, so putting him back to bed awake doesn't seem to be an option, ALTHOUGH when I do put him down he will wake up and cry but once given a dummy he will calm down but constantly hits it out as he's all hands. Not sure whether to try and get rid of the dummy or not but thats a whole other story! He will then wake a few times more between 9-10 in a hysterical state and cant seem to be settled by anything even me just being beside which I used to have to be for him to fall asleep. Once he is finally asleep he sleeps to anything between 12-2 which I have always put down to being hungry but HV said to try and just comfort him back to sleep to see if hes just woke up for another reason rather than hunger. With a feed, from then he will sleep from anything between 4-8 so dont feel like hes NOT getting enough sleep at night, its more the getting him to sleep than the sleeping itself.

So so sorry for rambling on, just wanted to give as much info as possible. Thanks Amy xxx

Sirzy Thu 13-Jan-11 22:10:15

RE weaning. If you look up Baby Led Weaning (BLW) that is what your HV meant, basically missing out the purees and going straight to finger foods. If you don't think your DS is ready for weaning yet then I would wait until he is older and then take it from there. Trying to feed him before he is ready is just going to cause problems and stress for you!

Doramustdie Thu 13-Jan-11 22:17:25

Don't worry about weaning at 19 weeks. Put it one side, stick with the 3 hourly breastfeeds or as often as her needs and leave food until he's 6 months old. Deal with one stage at a time. hV is right but you're a while of 3 meals a day!

He may just be having a growth spurt. Sadly at 19 weeks I would say suck it up sista! Feed him when winges, needs food (bf), and sleep when he sleeps/catnaps. Try lying down feeds or co-sleeping. You dose, they suck away. It does get better, I promise!

Doramustdie Thu 13-Jan-11 22:18:52

Have you tried swaddling?

amcateer Thu 13-Jan-11 22:19:08

Thank you x

amcateer Thu 13-Jan-11 22:23:59

I did try swaddling too but when he wakes up he grunts and gets very aggitated as if he feels claustrophic(sp?). Not really worried about his feeding and dont mind feeding him every three hours and also feed him lying down when he wakes at night and in the morning before we get and at 'em xx

Doramustdie Thu 13-Jan-11 23:41:02

Pick him up, cuddle, feed. Re swaddle then pop him back down. Minimal fuss. Keep it dark and quiet. Unexciting in short. Just keep off the weaning for a's not the answer. You're giving him more calories with breast milk than baby rice. Don't give up, keep going x

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