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I don't think she is well - but GP disagrees

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BurnAfterReading Thu 13-Jan-11 16:37:07

Sorry if this gets a little long and drawn out, I'll break it down as best i can.

My dd is 12 weeks and I don't think she's been too well lately...

Saw GP on Monday, told him she wasn't taking all of her bottles, I had to fight to get her to take anything after she had brought up wind, she screamed/arched back/pushed bottle away etc - I thought it may be reflux....anyway doc checked her over said she looked fine but he felt some gas bubbles in her belly and therefore prescribed Colief. (he said he suspects reflux but would see how she is with colief) An appointment was made to follow this up in one week.

At the same appointment, I also asked him to check her ears/throat - he said her ears were fine but throat was a little inflamed, nothing to worry about. (would check again next week)

I must admit, feeding has been a little easier but after the appointment on Tuesday I noticed that she seemed a little croaky when cooing or crying and it got worse by Tuesday night....

So, Wednesday morning comes and I make her an appointment to see another GP (bearing in mind that she has her jabs that afternoon) therefore appointments as follows:

Jabs 14.40pm
GP 14.50pm

Before jabs I mention to nurse that she may have a sore throat so nurse takes temp confirms it's 37.3 and therefore declines to give jabs. (if doc approves then bring her back in 30 mins)

GP - advise him of above and that I'm not happy with throat and also advise that she has a little bit of the runs - he checks her over, throat still a little inflamed takes temp again and it is 36.7 (took her jacket off while in waiting room) however says leave jabs until next week but she seems fine....Looks fine, slavering mouth (means hydrated) nice colour etc.

So brought her home and she just did not take any bottle at all!! Still sounding croaky, screaming uncontrollably so phoned NHS 24, they talked me through a lot of things and pretty much talked me out of taking her to hospital, she slept all night which is normal and took most of her bottles today - however she has terrible runs, really thin yellow watery stuff and I'm just worried.

She seems okay in herself today but I have a feeling that GP is fobbing me off - should I wait for her follow up appointment and tell them how I feel, or be stubborn and get her back to docs tomorow?


Many Thanks

dikkertjedap Thu 13-Jan-11 17:19:44

I would keep a close eye on her and take her to A&E if in doubt. DD(5) was unwell with high fever for quite a while, back and forth to GP, GP says don't worry just a virus. I asked if it was flu, no definitely not flu say various GPs. Last week quick deterioration, couldn't breathe anymore, ambulance, hospital, oxygen mask and intra-venous anti-biotics. Now today I have been told that in all likelihood she had flu with serious chest infection (they made X ray in hospital) as secondary complication. It was a close shave and she is nothing like her normal self. Hospital said if something like this happens again (high fever several days, GP says not to worry) to take her straight away to A&E. Also, children can have swine flu without fever (see swine flu symptoms on the Centre for Disease Control website). Often they do have vomitting and diarrhoea but not always. Trust your instincts, I wished I had done it myself at the time so it hadn't gone so out of hand.

ChippingIn Thu 13-Jan-11 17:23:40

Sorry to hear about DD

I second what Dikkert said - I'd go to A&E.

ChippingIn Thu 13-Jan-11 17:25:21

She's a tiny baby, they go downhill quickly and it's not worth the risk. Some GP's do fob people off - especially new mothers. Sadly it's not the GP's that pay the price.

If you, as her Mum, think she's not right, go with your instinct and take her to A&E.

Sirzy Thu 13-Jan-11 17:29:21

As others have said trust your instincts. I struggle to trust gps where Ds is involved as twice they have said not to worry and twice he has ended up seriously ill in hopsital.

BurnAfterReading Thu 13-Jan-11 18:36:44

thanks for the comments, I've called NHS Direct again and I'm awaiting a call back from the out of hours GP.

I reckon I'll be asked to take her up to local hospital for consultation - I won't be taking no for an answer.

IAmReallyFabNow Thu 13-Jan-11 18:40:34

Another mum with a child who she knew was ill and was fobbed off by a GP and my baby ended up more seriously ill. I had PND so was dismissed as a worrier.

Trust your instincts.

hillyhilly Thu 13-Jan-11 18:47:21

Until I read the answers I was all for saying that you are possibly over worrying a little.
It seems that she may have a sore throat (maybe from crying a lot) and a dodgy tummy but if someone force fed me when I didn't want it then maybe I'd get the runs too.
You sound very focussed on getting all her bottles into her - unless she has weight issues then surely this is not critical and by perservering then you are upsetting both of yourselves. (It is if course critical that she takes enough fluids not to get dehydrated which has been checked)
Of course, the biggest thing is your instinct, and also always keep an eye on a fever but I wouldn't be seeking a GP for a baby who didn't finish every feed and was crying when tried to be made to do so.

activate Thu 13-Jan-11 18:50:21

I'm not sure I understand

You say she "seems okay in herself",she doesn't have a temp, as mildly inflamed throat and runs

I would say from your description that you are being overly concerned and I'd keep an eye on her fotanelle

BurnAfterReading Thu 13-Jan-11 18:50:22

got appointment at out of hours GP at 20.20pm, I couldn't believe it when after I'd given the details for the 3rd time she said to me "Well if you think she needs to be seen then bring her up"

Therefore putting the onus on me - I said "*you're* the professional, i've told you the symptoms do you think you need to see her"

Will see what they say, I might just be overreacting, but rather safe than sorry eh!

I reckon my dd will do anything to get out of a bath lol

IAmReallyFabNow Thu 13-Jan-11 18:52:59

My baby was fine in himself. Took all his milk. GP said he was fine as he was taking his milk. He wasn't. He was very ill.

coldtits Thu 13-Jan-11 18:54:15

if she seems ok in herself, has no temperature (taking her jacket off in a warm waiting room would not reduce a fever to 36.7) and has a bit of a sore thoat and the runs, I'd make sure she gets plenty of fluids 9doesn't matter if she barfs back up) and keep an eye on her nappies to make sure she gets wet ones, keep an eye on her lips to check they don't get dry and cracks, make sure her fontanelle doesn't sink - I don't know what you want the doctor to look at really.

It is VERY scary when they are little, and if she does deteriorate, do take her in.

activate Thu 13-Jan-11 18:54:47

they dont think she needs seeing, they are giving you an appointment because you do think she does

I haven't seen anything in your post that would make me see an out-of-hours doctor (not had good experience with them) at that time of night, and I assume that's what doctors are saying

BurnAfterReading Thu 13-Jan-11 18:55:05

hillyhilly, it's not the feeding that's bothering me so much (just contributes to the situation) but it's the throat and runs which seems to have got considerably worse.

I'd hate myself if I thought Oh stop worrying, she'll be fine and something terrible happened.

Sirzy Thu 13-Jan-11 18:55:32

I have to disagree with the comments re fluids. When Ds was ill at 8 weeks it was refusing bottles and fussing with them that was the first indication that something was wrong.

activate Thu 13-Jan-11 18:57:30

is she hot?

is her fontanelle depressed?

does she have wet nappies?

has she calmed down or is she still inconsolable?

BurnAfterReading Thu 13-Jan-11 19:01:47

she feels hot

her fontanelle is not depressed

it's difficult to distinguish her nappies between wet and runs

she just taken some milk and has calmed down considerably

winnybella Thu 13-Jan-11 19:06:36

Take her temperature

BurnAfterReading Thu 13-Jan-11 19:11:18

winnybella, i dont have a thermometer...and before I get flamed...Sorry, I know I should have one! I'll be getting one tomorrow.

Thanks for the comments everyone, whether you agree with me or not - I'm worried about her, so I reckon if there is an ounce of worry then she needs to be seen.

activate Thu 13-Jan-11 19:16:48

you don't need a thermometer (do not beat yourself up about that)

touch your lips to the back of her neck, does it feel really hot to yyour lips?

BurnAfterReading Thu 13-Jan-11 19:18:59

activate, thanks for the tip and yes really hot shock

I think I'm doing the right thing

activate Thu 13-Jan-11 19:33:10

good then that's what you should do

In the meantime, strip her down to nappy and continue with fluids

twilight81 Thu 13-Jan-11 20:02:27

do you think she has been displaying signs of relux for long? is she always difficult to feed?

my ds has severe silent reflux which was apparent by 3 weeks, he was very difficult to feed only taking the bare minimum to keep him going.. back arching screaming gurgling sounded congested etc all day everyday.

a baby of 12 weeks refusing feeds in my opinion is a cause for concern, and the poster who basicaly said you force fed her and gave her the runs RUBBISH you cant force feed a baby!! i know a baby who desnt want to drink wont no matter how many times you shove a bottle in its mouth.

just a thought but if she is suffering from silent relfux then her throat is likely to look inflammed from the acid burning her.

from my experience i will say trust your instincts, get her checked and double checked if you feel she needs it!
we were fobbed off by gps and at the hospital but i just knew something was wrong, i kept going back untill they did the tests i wanted and all along i was the one who was right and they had been wrong!

mummy knows best

PUMBA Thu 13-Jan-11 20:37:09

Hi can i just say as a children's nurse never worry about taking a child to a doctor if you are concerned !!! I would rather see a hundred well babies than see a child bought in too late because the parents didn't want to be over anxious !!!!!!

IAmReallyFabNow Fri 14-Jan-11 07:51:34

BurnAfterReading How is baby now?

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