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Should I hunt down a flu jab for my two year old?

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Jane7 Thu 13-Jan-11 09:51:30

Would love other people's thoughts. I swing from feeling that since he's not in an 'at risk' category and current advice is only to vaccinate those people, he's probably ok - especially since maybe he may have been exposed to the virus already (although we don't think he's had swine flu). Then at the other end, I keep reading awful stories about little 'uns that have succombed and the latest about a three year old girl that died, and then I think I should hunt one down at a private clinic just to be on the safe side. Would love to know what other parents of under-5s feel about this. Are you worried, or do you think it's very unlikely a healthy two year old would be at serious risk?

Sirzy Thu 13-Jan-11 10:04:08

Only 5 under 5s have died from swine flu since October (according to daybreak this morning) it is tragic for those parents and families but to me that means the risk is to small to start panicking.

Ds had his first dose of flu jab yesterday but that is because he is asthmatic. He would have had it sooner but it was the first time he was fit enough since diagnosis. He will have it every year now in autumn. If he didn't have medical problems I wouldnt be looking to get it done.

Ds is 14 months btw

Jane7 Thu 13-Jan-11 11:05:31

Thanks Sirzy - hope your son's asthma gets better

sneezecakesmum Thu 13-Jan-11 11:32:13

Its probable that the wave of cases has now peaked. The adult flu vaccine (inc swine flu) take 7-14 days to become effective so its a bit dubious whether its worthwhile as most children by now have been exposed to it. However it is extremely nasty. If your 2 year old doesnt go to nursery and has minimal contact with large numbers of children, maybe you and DH and any adult in frequent contact could be vaccinated (cheap at Boots!) creating a 'ring' defense around DS as its expensive and time consuming to get him vaccinated.

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