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Cat scratched 7 week old baby

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Kornkob Wed 12-Jan-11 23:46:01

A cat scratched my baby's head, causing her a lot of distress though that was resolved with plenty of cuddles and kisses. However, the scratch was bleeding ever so slightly (only tiny pin pricks) so it got me worried about her catching an infection. I called the doctor who told me she should be fine.

How do I know when she has got an infection? And if it has been left for a day or two and then shows signs of infection, can it get treated quick?

What I am worried about basically is that would it very harmful to her?

-A worried new mum. :P

larrygrylls Thu 13-Jan-11 08:25:19

Will be fine, it is nothing.

Signs of infection would be pus around the wound and/or a raised temperature.

My only slight concern (to discuss with doc) would be tetanus. I assume that she has not been immunised yet, so would she need to bring forwards a tetanus shot?

kenobi Thu 13-Jan-11 11:32:42

I would be far more worried about cat poo tbh which has horrible viruses in it. The claws should be clean(ish).

Just keep a very, very close eye on it for signs of infection including the skin going red and hot around the scratch (and pus and temp as larry says).

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