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3 month old with eczema - steroids safe?

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ohnororo Wed 12-Jan-11 01:05:31

My baby boy developed eczema on his face just before Christmas, I was advised to treat it with diprobase which I applied several times a day. The eczema got worse, spread to his forehead and became infected so our GP prescribed a 0.5% steroid cream and an antibiotic. It seemed to work for a few days then flared right up again. I'm breastfeeding but was topping him up with formula once a day until last week, when I dropped the formula in case his eczema was a reaction to lactose. This hasn't seemed to have effect, his prescription is coming to an end and I'm worried about the use of a steroid cream on his skin. Any suggestions for alternatives? He doesn't have eczema on his body. All advice gratefully received.

fortyplus Wed 12-Jan-11 01:16:41

Follow your GP's advice. Long term steroid use can thin the skin but most babies with eczema will just grow out of it. Probably a good idea to drop the formula for the time being and avoid dairy products till a year old.

It's a pain but worth it - my two are 15 and 17 - both had a bit of eczema as babies. Ds2 had it longer including persistent sebhorraic (sp?) eczema that needed treatment with coal tar ointment, but both had clear skin for years until the teenage spots started!

If your baby's eczema has become infected then do make sure you are washing your hands before and after applying the cream. smile

sasza321 Wed 12-Jan-11 13:09:20

Hello, have you tried Pure Potions Skin Salvation? I swear by it. Aveeno cream also good for all over moisturising.

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