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ds(6) leaking urine after going to toilet

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Lindax Tue 11-Jan-11 21:33:28

ds (6) has recently (last 3- 4 months) been going to the toilet for a pee, finishes, shakes, dabs with loo roll pulls up trousers and within 30 seconds or so is back in toilet complaining his pants are wet as he's done another pee - in reality its just a small wet spot.

Anyone any experience of this?

Could it be an infection? (he has no pain).

Or, is this normal for little boys, he just needs to perfect his shaking technique (not been a problem before)?

One thing that has changed is he started P2 in August with new teacher who is quite strict about class going to toilet in break and lunchtimes and not during class. Could this have triggered something?

Smash09 Tue 11-Jan-11 21:38:34

Is he in any hurry to finish (maybe from being rushed at school)? It's quite common in all age groups to clench the bladder muscle as you do at the end of urination - when there's still a tiny bit of wee left in the urethra. So then when you relax them, it comes out.

It's usually quite effective if you tell him to try finishing the wee, and then trying to do another small bit even though he thinks he's finished. He'll learn to push the last bit out and also practise taking his time in the loo!

Good luck x

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