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Post flu jab grumpiness

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Galena Sun 09-Jan-11 20:10:08

Just wondering about how long this is likely to last? DD (20 months) had her flu jab on Friday afternoon. Temp is now slightly raised and she's been a bit grumpy over the weekend. Appetite is a bit reduced. She also threw up all her tea after eating it today (although it was preceded by coughing and she was remarkably perky afterwards!)

Any ideas how long till she's likely to perk up again? She's got a booster jab in 4 weeks, and I'm SO looking forward to a rerun (can't you tell?!)

SmethwickBelle Sun 09-Jan-11 20:30:55

I'd say a couple of days max and the vomiting may be unrelated if following coughing.

My 30 month old at the time (last year) complained of a sore leg for about 2 days and having had it myself last year as I was pregnant I can confirm that it did ache where they did the jab to the extent that it hurt to lie on it, which might be what's giving her gyp. No other symptoms for either of us.

Galena Sun 09-Jan-11 20:33:07

Thanks for that - hopefully she'll be feeling a bit better tomorrow then. It was only a little cough before the sickness - and she's been sounding quite congested (which is often a trigger for her).

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