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When/does the snot end

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notenoughsocks Sun 09-Jan-11 11:08:54

Hello, this is a rather long post but I want to try and include any details which my be relevant.
If anybody can be bothered to read it, I would appreciate advice/experinces.

My 10mo DS has been constantly snotty since the beginning of October. Sometimes it seems to be as part of an actual cold(he is at nursery), but most of the time he just seems to be snotty. His snot sometimes makes his breathing a bit rattly (snotty sounding) - not wheezy. I kept getting his chest listened to, but it was clear. In November he also developed a night cough which got steadily worse until it started waking him up at about 11 o'clock every night.

The Doctor prescribed an inhaler which I tried for two nights. As it seemed to make no difference to the cough, I stopped using it after two days.

Just before Christmas, DS suddenly got quite poorly and feverish. The doctor lisened to his chest but said it was clear and wasn't really what was wrong. DS was given antibiotics and some medicated nose drops. He got better. His night cough went, his snot cleared and he started sleeping twelve/thirteen hours at night.

However, the snot is now back (yellow, quite thick and endless) and the night cough is developing again. I am starting to think that the night cough is related to all the snot. It is starting to disturb his sleep again and I am beginning to feel that this will never end.

I have posted here before going back to the doctors as, tbh, they seem no wiser than me on this one.

MickyLee Sun 09-Jan-11 11:18:21

Poor you and DS. I know it seems never ending doesn't it.

Sounds like he is really run down and catching cold upon cold.

I honestly think you should try not to worry to much unless he gets a fever again, and his bdoy should soon build a resistance.

Have to tried using one of those snot suckers to draw out any mucus in his nose and help him breath easier?

notenoughsocks Sun 09-Jan-11 11:25:15

Have thought about the snot suckers but haven't tried one so far. Tbh, I just can't face the idea. He gets angry enough at nose drops and nappy changes. From what others have written, snot sucking seems to make babies far angrier that either of those.

I have thought that it might just be cold after cold and love the idea that it might all end when he builds up a resistnace. But, most of the time he seems on pretty good form and is up for putting lots of energy in to his play. Are they like this with colds?

MickyLee Sun 09-Jan-11 12:10:43

My DS actually likes me using the snot sucker (hehe sorry but not sure what else they are called) I think he gets a massive relief from being congested. I would get hold of one and try it out, they don't cost much if your ds really protests.

I also think that it seems they are ill for a lot longer than what they actually are because of the snotty nose. We can blow our noses to clear it but young tots can't and end up with a runny nose for weeks, then it gets infected and turns yellow or even green, needed anti-biotics.

I believe that you realy have to try and keep their nose clear with the saline nose drops and the sucker.

Give it a go. I have a Nuk one and as I say my DS sits still and lets me use it without a problem.

Hope he feels better soon

MickyLee Sun 09-Jan-11 12:12:25

sorry, just re-read that and lots of errors blush

2 dc climbing on me. Hope it makes sense

Elibean Sun 09-Jan-11 20:47:34

I remember our GP saying to me 'it starts in October and finishes in April' sad and she was right! It can really be like that, unfortunately.

We find a humidifier incredibly helpful with blocked/snotty nose at night, and with dry coughs. Important to keep it clean if used over long periods of time (get green algae in them otherwise, not healthy!) but other than that, easy and invaluable.

Re inhalers, they can take more than two days to work - so if asthma a real possibility, worth persevering a bit longer. But do try the humdifier, if you mist, or warm mist, as long as its a reasonably powerful one. You must be exhausted, hope ds is better soon.

Sirzy Sun 09-Jan-11 21:01:43

I wish it finished in April with DS!! He is constantly snotty some times worse than others. at its worse it as if a tap has been left running up his nose!

A reliever inhaler (normally blue) should work pretty quickly but I agree with keeping it up a bit longer to see if it has any effect.

Have you got the head of the cot raised? Steam works well to help clear things aswell.

notenoughsocks Sun 09-Jan-11 21:12:41

Evening all. Thanks for all the advice.

Must admit, Elibean, that I do wonder if we will have to wait for the warmer weather before things change - beacause although I am very rarely ill I do often find that my coughs/congestion only really clear up with the warmer weather.

I will try the inhaler for a few days in a row (I think my reluctance stems from my not wanting it to be asthma).

Rasing the cot head is probably not going to to work as he moves a lot in the night.

Mickylee - you have made me re-condider getting a snot-sucker (ah - isn't mothering glamarousgrin)

The humidfiers sound helpful but I have a question. I live in a stone cottage in North West Wales. We don't have actual damp (I think) but I do have to go round every morning wiping the condensation off the windows so we can see out. Does the humidifier only really have an effect in drier houses do you think?

Sirzy Sun 09-Jan-11 21:25:17

Even if the inhaler works it doesn't mean that he is asthmatic, or that he will be. A lot of babies and young children need them for a while and then never again.

DS has had his cot (or then basket!) head raised since he was 8 weeks old and had bronchiolitis and is a real wriggler in his sleep but it being raised doesn't cause him any problems but it does help his chest a lot. I tried to take it off the blocks not long back and he went back to struggling more at night so I put it back up and he was much better.

Elibean Sun 09-Jan-11 21:34:32

dd2 still has the head of her bed raised a little (pillow under head end of mattress, then her own little pillow on top) and she's just turned 4 smile

She had breathing problems when younger (floppy larynx and mega tonsils/adenoids) and its always helped.

Not sure about humidifier in damp-ish atmosphere - we're in London, in centrally heated house, but tbh its only effective if mist is pretty much on her face: so don't think the general atmosphere is as important as intense humidity in the air going into her nose, iyswim. That said, if the room is cold at night, extreme moisture not a good idea. Could you borrow one and try, before investing??

Warmer weather may be the only real difference, I'm afraid sad Hope you get some sleep tonight, though!

Galena Mon 10-Jan-11 08:43:42

I'm afraid DD was snotty from Oct-May last year, and has been since Nov this winter. I'm still waiting for it to improve! However, the doctors have pretty much decided that she does have asthma. Her cot head is raised too.

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