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urinary pain at night

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sleepy1 Sat 08-Jan-11 12:21:35

Hello, has anyone heard of children having pain at night in the urinary tract caused by a throat infection/cold.
My daughter has had cystitis type pain at night but no sypmtoms during the day. S light temperature and no other sypmtoms apart from a sore throat to start with. Been to see GP on many occassions as the pain at night usually heralds the on set of a cold/ sore throat.
Is there anyone who can help? or has this problem? We have been awake for four night in a row

cupofcoffee Sun 09-Jan-11 10:52:43

What exactly do you mean by cystitis type pain? Is she getting pain when she wees? Or is she complaining of tummy ache?

Have you had a urine test done by the GP surgery to check she does not have a urine infection?

sleepy1 Wed 12-Jan-11 22:26:48

Have taken her to the doctor to have urine test twice now. Nothing shown in the urine test. I Think it is like cystitit pain.She holds her Lulu( thats the name we have given it) and cries and cries. Have tried creams and calpol and Nurofen , nothing seems to take the pain away. She cries for 1-2 hours then goes to sleep. As I said the doctor seems to think that it is related to her throat infection , but its been going on for a week now. Its agonising to watch . Help!

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