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Does DS have reflux?

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tilde Fri 07-Jan-11 15:50:52

Can any MNers with reflux experience offer their opinion / advice?

DS is currently 18 weeks. At 15 weeks, he developed a high temperature, and also began to cry / arch as if he was in pain when feeding. NHS Direct phone call # 1 - advised to give Calpol. Dr visit # 1 - diagnosed a probable viral infection, and advised to continue to give Calpol. DS's high temperature responded to Calpol, but he continued to cry / arch when feeding, and he started to wake frequently in the night.

I began to wonder whether DS has reflux, and to watch him (and his routine) closely - he seems to comfort feed, he's usually sick (although only a small amount) a couple of times a day, he's difficult to burp, and he sometimes chokes.

Dr visit # 2 - agreed that DS might have reflux, and prescribed Infant Gaviscon.
This seemed to reduce the crying / arching when feeding, but DS still woke frequently in the night. Also, it was difficult to get DS to take the IG (he is EBF), and it caused him to become constipated.

Dr visit # 3 - prescribed 1mg/kg, 3x/day Ranitidine. This also seems to reduce the crying / arching when feeding (it's only been 2 days so far), but DS still wakes frequently in the night. DS also cries as if he is in lots of pain in the early evening (which prompted NHS Direct phone call # 2 blush).

Anyway, sorry for the long post! My questions are:

1. Is it likely that DS has reflux if he didn't have (many) symptoms before 15 weeks?

2. Could DS have wind instead? Should I try Infacol?

3. Are the symptoms of reflux worse at a particular time of day, ie in the early evening?

Thanks for all opinions / advice offered! Tired smile emoticon.

sparkle101 Fri 07-Jan-11 22:19:23


my DD has reflux, she was diagnosed at 6 days old. She has a lot of the symptoms you are describing, she has been prescribed ranitidine and is doing well on it. She also brings up alot of clear liquid and hiccups a lot. The little and often feeds have subsided now that she has medicine as it is not uncomfortable for her now.

Another of the issues we have found with reflux is that babies are more susceptable (sp?) to upper respiratory infections - colds etc so we put olbas oil on her moses basket and keep calpol srpay handy as she sometimes wakes up with snuffly nose.

1. It is possible, Someone I have met at mum and baby group said her son didn't develop symptoms until 5 months in but he still had it. So think it can come on at any time.

2.Your DS could have wind, you can try and wind more often but as he is EBF it seems unlikely, infacol won't hurt.

3. Have found the symptoms to be consistent all the time, however she did suffer from a very dodgy period between 3-7 every day, think it was colic more than anything. We were recommended a wedge for the moses basket/cot to raise her up so that the acid didn't sit directly on her causing her pain.

If you can keep him upright for an hour after feed that can help (not easy to do I know!)

A girl in my postnatal club on MN had a baby with reflux and she is EBF (I can't as mine has milk intolerance too) and she has told others to cut out all dairy from their diet as this can iritate them.

There is a reflux support thread on breastbottle feeding they may offer more help.

Apologies for spelling mistakes and bit jumbled up... very tired too!!!!

Good luck!

tilde Sat 08-Jan-11 10:36:55

Thanks for your message sparkle101!

DS also vomits clear liquid, and hiccups and coughs a lot. I've started to worry about respiratory infections (DS sometimes has a snuffly nose), so I'll look into getting some Olbas oil and Calpol spray.

We've also begun to:
Try to keep DS upright for 30mins after feeds.
Rub his back gently instead of patting when winding.
Use our baby carrier more often.
Use a cot wedge.

And I'm sidling up to switching to a dairy-free diet to see if that helps sad.

We didn't have the early evening meltdown last night smile- possibly as a result of giving DS ranitidine at ~4:30pm rather than later, and / or of moving his bedtime from 7:30pm to 6:30pm (I think he's usually over-tired, and wonder whether he needs an earlier bedtime because of his frequent waking during the night).

tilde Sun 09-Jan-11 20:22:19

I found a useful support thread for parents of reflux babies here.

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