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high temp and headache

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lia66 Thu 06-Jan-11 15:16:09

dd (5) came home from school yesterday complaining of headache, she also had low grade temp

Last night and today her temp is spiking at 103 and she says every time she moves her head hurts across the top above her eyes.

slight slight lacy rash on torso but nothing glaringly obvious. She doesn't want to get up from sofa cos of headache, no aversion to the light.

chicken pox is doing rounds at her school but all mine have had it quite severely so don't think we're leading up to that,

Probably just one of those things, am giving fluids, calpol and not much else i can do really except keep an eye.

dikkertjedap Thu 06-Jan-11 16:09:37

Did you do the glass test?

Can you call your GP to discuss over the phone?

Hope she gets better soon.

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