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Bowel problems/Constipation and more!

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funkygoodies Thu 06-Jan-11 14:14:37

Hi Everyone, My Daugther has recently had lots of tests to see if she had any allergies or an intollerance to Gluten etc but they all came back clear as she had been suffering from constipation and leaking for the last 2 years. she has been on medication aswell throughout. Yesterday when we were with the specialist she thinks it is a case of constipation but the bigger problem is her fear of going on the toilet as she thinks its going to hurt her! She has just turned 4 and goes to school in Septmber but is still currently in pull ups! Any help or advice on getting this fear of the toilet would be much appreciated. We have tried talking calmly, etc etc all the usual stuff but nothing seems to be getting though to her! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!

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