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Should I take DS to baby group?

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littlegreenpig Wed 05-Jan-11 19:30:33

Sorry, I should be able to answer this for myself but am feeling very indecisive.

I go to a weekly baby group with DS who is 6 months. One mum has anonymously sent a group email asking that babies with any symptoms of swine flu, sickness and diarrhoea or a bad cough stay away - fair enough... but... DS has had a cough for a month now. We went to the Dr this week and he had no concerns. DS is otherwise very happy and active. I really want to go to the baby group but don't want to annoy the others. Am I being selfish in wanting to go and should I just stay at home?

Suzihaha Wed 05-Jan-11 19:44:22

You're not being selfish but some of the other mums may see it like that if he's still coughing. Coughs normally take 6 weeks to clear so he might be ok in a fortnight then you can go again.

Sirzy Wed 05-Jan-11 19:56:01

Only you can decide if you think your lo is a) well enough and b) has something that could be contagious. As your GP has said its nothing to worry about I wouldn't think it would be.

I would be pretty annoyed at the mother who had to point out something which is surely common sense?

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