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2 year old often sick at night

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Grapes2 Tue 04-Jan-11 23:45:35

My dd3, who is 2 and 5 months is often sick at night. She likes to sleep with me- I am her teddy- and often gets her way because from birth (I think) she seemed able to make herself sick at will- on a cough- or a short crying fit. After a while exhaustion took hold and so the technique has proved effective and for the most part, after a long settling routine, she sleeps in her bed, then around midnight wakes and walks into our bed. However this winter she has suffered a few chest infections, and is more often sick than not (i.e 4-5 nights out of 7).I always take her to the doctors and she has had three lots of anti-B this Autumn and xmas. She is getting quite good at telling us and being sick in a bowl. Could there be something medically wrong with her? Could asthma reveal itself like this? Has anyone else had experience of this? Or have I just made a rod for my own back re: sleeping habits. (Or both!)

SuzannePetal Wed 05-Jan-11 23:20:41

It could be some sort of seperation anxiety. Its good u stick to a bedtime routine now and are being firm. Maybe check with the doctor for allergies and food intolerances just incase somthing she's eatin could be upsetting her. I would definately also get in touch with ur health visitor. Shes probably best to give advice. Hope that helps a little.

Grapes2 Wed 05-Jan-11 23:27:52

Thanks. I think you are right although I also think coughing and snot makes it worse too. I will get in touch with my HV. It seems mad as she is my third and I never had these problems with the other two! However maybe it is BECAUSE she is my third, and, due to change in circumstances, I have to work almost full time that has made the problem!

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