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dd (8) high temp and acute pain at base of skull

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basildonbond Tue 04-Jan-11 23:38:00

she was fine this morning, then just before lunch suddenly developed high temp and started crying (odd as she's normally v stoical) that her head was hurting - it's v specific, behind her ears at the base of her skull. Her neck's also hurting, especially when she turns her head or when she gets up or lies down. No rash, no problems with lights, has finally gone to sleep dosed up with nurofen.

It feels virus-y to me, but just wondered if anything similar was going round? Am keeping an eye overnight but will call the GP in the morning if she's no better

belledechocchipcookie Tue 04-Jan-11 23:40:36

I'd call NHS direct and get her seen ASAP. She doesn't need to have a rash for it to be meningitis so it's best that it's checked. Sorry to worry you and I hope she's OK and it's just a bug.

emkana Tue 04-Jan-11 23:42:28

I'd get it checked out now tbh. Hope she's okay and it's nothing, but better safe than sorry.

methodsandmaterials Tue 04-Jan-11 23:43:20

I'd err on the side of caution and contact GP practice or NHS direct ASAP.

MoonUnitAlpha Tue 04-Jan-11 23:43:45

I'd get her checked out asap if you have any concern it could be meningitis - I had it as a child and it came on incredibly quickly (fine in the morning, hospital by midnight).

emkana Tue 04-Jan-11 23:45:08

The neck thing is a worry.

dikkertjedap Tue 04-Jan-11 23:53:58

Could be mastoiditis, would contact OOH ASAP.

pippibluestocking Wed 05-Jan-11 00:05:12

Yes - definitely ring Nhs direct to be on the safe side

basildonbond Wed 05-Jan-11 14:32:00

dd seen by v nice GP - the pain is muscular, caused by her fever which is probably caused by A.N.Other virus ... prescribed ibuprofen, warmth and rest

relieved it's nothing serious

pippibluestocking Wed 05-Jan-11 22:01:21

That's great news. Pleased it was nothing nasty

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