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throaty cough

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tink123 Wed 29-Dec-10 22:56:12

DD (8) has had this nasty cold that everyone seems to have. She had fever, sore throat for 2-3 days and hacking cough for 10 days. Now two weeks since getting cold, she has a constant stuffed nose and throat, phlegmy cough (not very bad, just annoying). She is acting normal and has no fever.

Question is, do I take her to drs in case this is sinusitis or wait another week? It may just be end of cold and I don't want to bother drs when they are so overloaded with people

sneezecakesmum Thu 30-Dec-10 20:24:05

Infective sinusitus usually comes with facial pain,(particularly when bending forward) headache, vile luminous green snot (sorry) and sometimes fever especially in children.

If DD is not in this category but just stuffy and a bit snotty I doubt the GP would give abx.

Try humidifying the air at night, steam inhalation, vicks, olbas oil and have a word with the pharmacist to see if they can recommend a decongenstant.

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