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Immature Gut

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BornAgainBokononist Wed 29-Dec-10 17:33:51

I'm trying a scatter gun approach with this and posting in Children's Health, Weaning and Allergies to see if anyone can help me.
Ds is 9mo and has had problems with wind and digestion from the start. First I was told colic, when we reached 4 months and no improvement I was told reflux, then weaning started and it actually has worsened. He's had allergic reactions to most things, dairy, soya, sweet potato, potato, apples, oranges, tomatoes etc etc etc. He barely eats any solids and is breast fed, feeding all the time. He has one small meal a day, one food at a time waiting three days to try each food with frequent rests (no solids) after reactions.
The thing is even with food he does tolerate such as parsnips, pears, cauliflower and baby rice, he still doesn't seem able to digest them. He has only done two dirty nappies in the past month, obviously both times he exploded, poo up to his shoulders straight in the bath. When he does this it's not new food but food he was trying just after the last nappy so he hasn't even began to digest what he's eaten in the past week.
He was 6 weeks prem, I started weaning at 6 months (not corrected) and it has not improved. I've been to the doctors numerous times and last visit the doctor I saw said he thought it was an immature gut though couldn't tell me any more. I have a hospital appointment in just over a weeks time to see a nutritionist at the children's ward. I've got a list of what he can and can't eat so far, I'm now keeping a record of when he does a poo, I will keep a food diary and bf diary the week leading up to the appointment.
I don't know what else to do, whether to stop solids until we've been seen, carry on as we are? Does anyone have any experience of this?
Has anyone had this?

Igglystuffedfullofturkey Wed 29-Dec-10 20:40:17

DS has a pretty sensitive digestive system (he has reflux but not prem). Reacts to a lot of things. I stopped weaning when it went wrong, took a break for a week or so then did it slowly. At 9 months he was only on 1-2 meals a day then up to three by 10. Milk is the main source of nutrition for the first year.

I'd only give foods he can tolerate in small quantities before the appointment and take it from there!

BornAgainBokononist Thu 30-Dec-10 09:14:30

Thanks Iggly, that's what I plan to do. My main concern is how long it takes him to digest anything.

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