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reflux worse after weaning??

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fairimum Tue 28-Dec-10 21:00:08

DS is now 8 months and had gaviscon in his milk from birth (DD did too but weaning solved it for her) and has loved food - has mixture of puree and finger food, but as soon as got to more than 1-2 full meals a day he started projective vomiting his previous milk or solids feed - ie if had had milk at 9am and offered solids at 12ish as soon as the spoon/finger food went in his stomach empties - he is then hungry and eats his food, the same then happens at the next milk feed as soon as he opens his mouth he gags and emptys his stomach - we had been trying different foods/times etc but no difference at all - now 3 weeks ago he got this coldy/temp bug and just wanted his milk - the vomiting stopped for the first week or so but very hicuppy/burping etc - now for the last 2 weeks you can feel him refluxing, screaming after feeds, arched back etc - if not worse than when he was tiny, he has worked out that drink soothes his throat and will briefly settle once you put the bottle in his mouth, although partly using it as a dummy and not always sucking - which doesnt help as takes in air then too! he wont take a dummy!

hoping to get in with GP tomorrow, but really appreciate any thoughts??

Earwigging Tue 28-Dec-10 21:19:23

I had similar with my DS, i would say I always had to litte and often, so no milk feeds right after meals.

It might not be the case for you but my DS has a cows milk allergy, he had allergy testing but it was done privately so this may not be available to you.

Even now (2yo) if he has a cold he will bring up a whole milk feed but the rest of the time he is fine.

One other thing that helped was BLW as I think he liked to be in control, and milk taken from a cup tended to stay down better.


fairimum Tue 28-Dec-10 21:30:51

thanks - we have a family histroy of lactose intolerance but so far has been fine on aptamil 1st, also family history of reflux into adulthood

will see what the gp says

just wondering if anyone had any experience of silent reflux before weaning... THEN getting the vomiting? I just assumed it would get better when weaned as it did with my daughter...

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