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Chickenpox, Anyone???

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PeggysEvilTwin Tue 28-Dec-10 12:11:16

Red spots on Ds's back, only one of them is raised and blister-like. A few more have appeared on his neck this morning, he has a temperature and is a bit quiet, just wNts to stay in bed. Does this sound like chickenpox? I always kind of thought it would be bit more, well, dramatic than this??

TheNextMrsClaus Tue 28-Dec-10 12:14:45

Sounds about right. They often aren't particularly under the weather by the time the spots appear - ours had what I thought were slight colds a few days BEFORE the spots arrived.

I know there can be complications, but most children get through chickenpox relatively easily, the main problem is the itchyness. Watch out for infected scabs if they scratch, antibiotics are sometimes necessary. Keep away from pg ladies, too!

ragged Tue 28-Dec-10 12:21:50

Well, if you listen to most MNers the affected child isn't allowed to leave the house for at least the next 3 and possibly next 7 days.

Yup, sounds like CP. Piriton syrup if the child is old enough can be good for scratching.

Not very dramatic ime. 2 of my 4DC did not seem in the least bit "ill" at any point with it.

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