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Today is 3 months of coughing!

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strawberrycake Mon 20-Dec-10 20:06:03

I know viral coughs can go on and on but this seems never ending! He's 7 months.

Just that really.

sneezecakesmum Mon 20-Dec-10 21:58:15

Has your GP tried him on an inhaler and listened to his chest recently in case he's wheezy? Have you tried all the - raising cot head, humidifiers, etc? Poor babe, and the winter is really getting under way now!

strawberrycake Mon 20-Dec-10 23:27:41

Listened to chest, nothing apparently. No inhaler. Going to mention it on Wednesday as he has an appointment anyway.

Tried all the usual cold helps, plus a massive clean of the room/ house.

bubbleymummy Tue 21-Dec-10 01:02:04

Has he been tested for whooping cough? It can go on for months and they don't always 'whoop'.

strawberrycake Thu 23-Dec-10 08:33:54

The GP reckons it's to do with secretions and his allergies, prescribed daily piriton, see how it goes I guess.

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