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long blinking - nervous twitch??

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curpring Sun 19-Dec-10 20:26:36

Our 4 year old ds has in the last couple of weeks developed a kind of twitch. The best way to describe it is that he blinks very slowly on and off.

We have been worried that it is a nervous twitch. He started reception this term and has done really well and seemed relatively unbothered by the whole experience. However over the last couple of weeks he has got into trouble a couple of times and it has upset him. On the couple of days when the 'trouble'happened his twitch was much worse and seemed to calm once home and he was settled only to start up again when he was dropped at school the next day.

Despite this he had a good end to term and we have just had a lovely weekend hoping that the twitch would just go away. He has been happy and well-rested but the twitch is still there.

We were thinking of taking him to have his eyes checked to make sure it isn't an eye problem but has anyone had any experience of something similar?... and if it is a nervous thing how best should we handle it?

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