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How long does Prednisolone take to start working?

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CharlieBoo Sat 18-Dec-10 14:48:53

18 month old dd has bad chest, wheezy although not really a cough. I took her to Gp last night and he has prescribed 10mg per day of Prednisolone for 7 days. She's had this before last winter in January and it did make a big difference. She only had 3 days worth though. She is quite wheezy and I'm just wandering as I can't really remember how long it took to make a difference last time.
I remember it did really help.

Am quite shocked as her chest has been fine since then and this is quite a big flare up. I think they think she has asthma, but are still saying she is too young to diagnose. I hate it when her chest goes like this as its horrible for her....she hates the inhalers, although they do help.

Thanks for reading

Sirzy Sat 18-Dec-10 15:16:40

When Ds had pred the other week it was day 4 it really took effect. I think it depends on the severity of the case though as I know they sometimes just give one dose now and that's all that is needed.

I know what you mean about the inhalers Ds has gone from loving them to fighting it - I'm hoping it's just a phase!

Hope she is better soon

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