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Cold, low weight, bronchiolitus??

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BongoWinslow Thu 16-Dec-10 18:04:32

A bit long but I'd welcome peoples thoughts.

9wo baby had a cold for 10 days and recently weighed - he's only put on about 450g since birth but he's very long (98th centile by my rough measuring).

He's been exclusively BF and had feeding checked numerous times including by lactation experts this week - all say it looks fine. He struggled to gain back birth weigh initially, but eventually got there with topups of EBM.

Doctor and health visitor now a bit worried about his weigh but didn't think it was a feeding problem. Doc says he has 'a rattle' in his chest diagnosed bronchiolitis - HV and doc reckon this + the cold are why he's so underweight.

He's on antibiotics and I'm giving him topups of EMB and a smidge of formula as a last resort to make sure he's full.

He had his first immunisations this week too (Tuesday) - both HV and doc thought this would be ok.

1. he has no cough, nose no longer runny and seemed in good spirits until today so is this really bronchiolitis??

2. He's now really fussy after having a good day yesterday (but a bad night) - is this the bronchi? or just the immunisations? he's hard to settle when normally he's easy to calm.

3. Could a cold and chest infection cause him to be so low weight when he's feeding properly?

Frustrated and confused! rambling. sorry. any thoughts welcome.

Sirzy Thu 16-Dec-10 19:25:40

The first time DS had bronchi (when he was 8 weeks old and it was by far the most severe case he had) he didn't have a cough at all. Just the wheezy chest, cold like symptoms and off his food.

Each time he has it the recovery has good days and bad days aswell. One day you would think he was better then the next he was as bad as before.

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