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tartar on milk teeth?

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jamsandwich Wed 15-Dec-10 12:39:52

DD just had first visit from the tooth fairy. When I'd taken off my wings etc, I could see the tooth (lower incisor) has hard white stuff on the back, right against where the gumline would be. My guess (and as a tooth fairy, I should know, right? confused) is it's tartar. But I didn't think kids got it.

Does anyone know if it shows I'm a rubbish tooth brusher? Or is it something about DD's teeth/ saliva? I'm a bit anxious as she has two cavities soon to be filled and as she rarely has sweets/ no fruit juices, uses fluoride toothpaste pretty diligently etc etc, I wonder if this indicates problems?

jamsandwich Wed 15-Dec-10 22:25:57


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