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tummy bug left with odd colour wee!

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poppypixie Tue 14-Dec-10 21:23:36

My 20 month old has had horrid tummy bug with vommitting and two instants of diarorhea over four days. I am hoping we are over the last of it having had no more vommitting since sunday night (having said that he had not been sick since the saturday morning). Any road horrid enough as that is what is worrying me is that tonight having had unpleasant watery poo i have found that his nappy has two faint orange small stains in the urine area. Is this a sign of dehydration? He has been pretty good with his fluids up until today when he has been reluctant if not admamant not to drink so much. I have to admit to being worried.. how worried should I be?

cakeforbrains Tue 14-Dec-10 21:49:08

My 20m DS had a bad D+V bug which lasted 8 days, and we also noticed orange urine stains. DS was drinking ok too but then was losing a lot of fluid due to the d+v and his urine output was much less than normal.

Couldn't get a GP's appointment but did get a phone consultation and they suggested possible dehydration. I was worried that it was a UTI but the GP said they are pretty uncommon in boys. The GP did suggest that I collected a urine sample from him, but I spent two days chasing him around the house with his nappy off but failed miserably to get a sample, and by that stage the orange staining reduced then stopped altogether.

Might be worth getting a GP appointment if you can, stomach bugs are really tough on little ones.

poppypixie Tue 14-Dec-10 21:56:07

Thanks for that- will ring doctors in morn. Am thinking he is on mend but seeing strange stains has thrown me. It is reassuring tho to hear that hopefully it is just a temporary effect of the bug.

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