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Is this travel sickness - and if so what (if anything) can we do about it?

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BaroqinAroundTheChristmasTree Tue 14-Dec-10 20:18:15

I think it's been happening a while, but only really dawned on me this year as we've been out and about more this year that when travelling on trains (and today a bus) for anything more than about 1/2hr DS1 starts feeling a bit "blurgh" (his words) and gets a headache.

At least 4 times that I can recalls (possibly more) anything from straight after stopping up to about 4hrs later DS1 is then sick. Often sick again a little later as well (especially if he eats - which he tends to do after travelling as he's always hungry).

Without fail the following morning he is absolutely 100% fine. And it always comes the same way - headache developes while on the move, and the sickness after (usually 1hr+ after - but today was straight away - although it was on the way back - so it could have been from earlier (iykwin?) he's stopped travelling.

Is it travel sickness? I used to get travel sick (still do if I try and read a book on a bus or in a car...) and it was always there and then that was I was sick and always feeling absolutely fine once I got out of the car. But this seems almost like "delayed" travel sickness (does such a thing exist??)

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