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9 wk old went limp

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MommyRoo Sun 12-Dec-10 20:09:13

Hi all

I have been terrified that whilst breastfeeding I may have lent over my baby & stopped him from breathing. This would have lasted for no more than 30 secs; when I lent back he went limp. I unlatched & he started breathing v quickly & remained limp & heavy for about a minute. He quickly came back to his normal self & I have not noticed anything different in him other than a red blotch on his eyeball. I haven't been able to get to sleep through worry since this happened a few days ago, & am so scared about what this may have done to him. Does anyone have any ideas about what could happen to a baby of this age after this? Would really appreciate any advice/suggestions....

RiojaLover75 Sun 12-Dec-10 20:11:02

Erm, I would be phoning an ambulance! or at the very least NHS Direct for advice!


QOD Sun 12-Dec-10 20:15:35

Was he still sucking? or suctioned? maybe just "zonked" out or satiated? I didn't breast feed so I don't know how it works. When was this?

MommyRoo Sun 12-Dec-10 20:25:24

It was Thurs; he was suctioned & had been feeding for quite a long time before hand, & was also very tired. I got him to cry & he was active after I stimulated him & no signs of anything wrong, so I didn't seek medical advice at the time. I don't know if I stopped his breathing but he did seem to go limp...

jollyma Sun 12-Dec-10 20:29:10

If this happened a few days ago and he's been fine since it sounds like no damage was done. However, worrying about your child is horrible and it would be worth getting him checked out to put your mind at rest. Hope you get a good night tonight.

activate Sun 12-Dec-10 20:31:49

I would be taking him to A&E just to get checked out - at the very least calling a medic

without meaning to scare you he was unconscious and has a hemmorhage in his eye -these are both unusual symptoms that warrant further investigation there is a possibility he will need some further tests

jollyma Sun 12-Dec-10 20:32:30

A tired, warm breast feeding baby can be very floppy and seem out of it at the end of a feed.

MommyRoo Sun 12-Dec-10 20:36:21

Thanks Jollyma, you're really sweet; I will take you up on your advice.

jollyma Sun 12-Dec-10 20:51:05

Doctors are used to worried mums walking through their door. I took ds1 to a and e when he was a couple of weeks old after a choking incident when feeding. They were very reassuring and i felt much happier by the time i left. Fortunately its been our only trip there in 8 years!

MommyRoo Tue 14-Dec-10 11:29:38

Hi Mums, I got my little one checked out & he's absolutely fine - he would have been able to breathe & it's likely that he was drunk from milk. Eyes, lungs, reactions etc checked & all perfect. What a fright tho! Thanks for all the messages

enimod Tue 14-Dec-10 12:46:47

this happened to me with my first son-he was 2 weeks old and was breastfeeding- he totally zonked out-was limp-i thought he had gone- i know stupidly a kind of shook him and he came too-i rang an ambulance-they came and he was fine. however, he did go onto do this a few more times-no idea why. scary as hell-and i instantly regretted semi shaking him but it was pure fear and it was not a proper shake.

jollyma Tue 14-Dec-10 21:10:05

Thats great to hear that he is fine. Worth the trip to the docs just to be reassured. Lovely to think that your milk is able to satisfy him to that extent!

MommyRoo Wed 15-Dec-10 18:02:12

I know - wish I could get drunk from milk, so much cheaper & healthier than wine!

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