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Xylitol for ears

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Greedymonster Mon 06-Dec-10 17:02:35

I have just noticed that the NHS website recommends xylitol to help prevent recurrent ear infections. It suggests gum but I'm after something that might appeal to a suspicious 3 (nearly 4) year old and not be too onerous to remember to take (ie only once a day not 3 times!). I see smints contain xylitol but I also see they contain aspertame (spelling!!) so not ideal.

I have searched the threads on here and found historic threads about boots toothpaste, but later threads said it had been made a 6+ product (I assume due to the amount of fluoride, perhaps I should just buy it but use less than recommended!!)

Any one got any suggestions? Some websites mention syrup but I can't find anything online from a reputable retailer.

bubbleymummy Mon 06-Dec-10 18:43:59

you can buy powdered xylitol - it looks like sugar and it's a recommended alternative for diabetics. You can use it just like sugar.

missmoopy Mon 06-Dec-10 19:00:57


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