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Threadworms. Ovex treatment how quickly should the buggers die?

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CowsGoWhizzBang Mon 06-Dec-10 03:18:00

Hi, feeling a bit of a useless mum at the moment
Since last Tues my dd (6) has been waking in the night screaming saying that her front bits are hurting her etc etc. She has had recurrent uti and cystitis in the past and has been investigated for such. I stupidly just assumed that its was thrush/cystitis uti etc again and applied the cream we've been given.
Didnt clear up and both of us being awake all night has exhausted us, however due to snow couldnt get out for Dr appt

Saturday, snow gone so down to the walk in clinic and told its prob worms shock checked her sat night while sleeping and almost was sick at a little white cotton wiggly thing coming out of her bottom

So Sun morning back down to walk in drs and was prescribed Ovex. She (and rest of family) have all had a dose of it (5ml liquid) around 2pm...

So Sun night/monday morning I'm here on mn trying to find out how long it takes to kill the buggers!

She has been awake screaming again and on investigating they are coming out still.....

All Sunday, Ive cleaned, washed bedding, hoovered mattress, hoovered carpet, cleaned bathroom, cut her nails v short. shes got knickers on under pj's etc etc

How long is it till they die (do they die? or does something else hideous happen?)when can I give her another dose?

Im just so freaked out by them... my son (11) has never had these things... making me shudder thinking of these things in her

right she fallen back asleep, and I'm going to get off here now

hopefully someone can answer my weird 3 am query, sorry its just so long

How could I not have known about worms? I am feeling bad now (and we are clean....)
for my little girl

Flutterbye Mon 06-Dec-10 10:53:38

We get them all the time. Just take one dose and I think once it's worked it way through your system they die, but you all need to take a second dose 2 weeks later to kill the hatchlings from the adults you've just killed. Also wash botties daily

I'm paranoid about them and am continually checking, always keeping Ovex in, costing us a fortune.

I always get the kids to wash hands when they come in from school and before eating but my eldest bites his fingernail whilst asleep, grr! So we just keep taking the tablets whenever we feel itchy! Schools are rife with it.

Flutterbye Mon 06-Dec-10 11:18:08

also they can go back to school after taking the first dose. No shame needed, I regularly tell my friends, the more people who realise and take the medicine the less they'll be around. Things like playdoh are full of the eggs, kids toilets in school are horrid too.

SantaIsMyLoveSlave Mon 06-Dec-10 11:44:36

I did a bit of digging around on this recently myself and the consensus seemed to be that it takes 48-72 hours after dosing with Ovex for the current batch to die off. That said, I dosed DD recently (never saw a worm but she had classic symptoms apart from that) and she seemed better within 24 hours. Will give her a second dose this week (two weeks later) to be sure of catching any second generation, though.

I know that there are some Mumsnetters who just routinely deworm the whole family every 3-6 months, even if symptomless, on the basis that (IIRC) one in three of the primary-school-aged population has worms at any given moment.

I don't go that far but I do deworm the DCs if I see one of them scratching repeatedly -- never actually seen a worm, but given how prevalent they are it seems a good first line of attack.

LadyOfTheFlowers Mon 06-Dec-10 11:47:57

We all had a dose a month or so back as DH was fidgeting in his chair one evening and I said to him 'Is your bum itching?' and he gingerly replied yes.

Mine was too, so had a go at the old sellotape trick I was told about on here and then almost threw up. shock

Ran to cabinet and we both had a dose, did kids as soon as they woke, the next evening we weren't itchy at all.

It works quite quickly - Thank God!

CowsGoWhizzBang Mon 06-Dec-10 12:49:16

Thanks everyone.
Ok so if it takes 48 odd hours for them to die this would explain them still wiggling last night. hopefully only another bad night then we can get back to normality.

I've no idea how she got them as she doesnt bite nails (where as my ds does).

Might just frequently worm us hmm from now on as can't be dealing with this again. so gross seeing these wiggly cotton looking bits in her bottom.

LadyOfTheFlowers sellotape trick confused

certainly wont forget to re-dose us all in a fortnight

SantaIsMyLoveSlave Mon 06-Dec-10 12:57:09

If they don't go then you could try pripsen instead. Drawbacks are that it tastes revolting and causes stomach cramps but it kills the worms a different way so should work even if you have an Ovex-resistent bunch. But probably you should be fine tonight or tomorrow.

CowsGoMerryChristmas Mon 06-Dec-10 14:08:51

Ovex resistent? Oh no, please tell me they are all going to die?

Cant even do washing at mo as the water is off due to a burst pipe in neighbouring village thanks to the big thaw

Think my work were shocked when I said I wouldn't be in due to worms grin

SantaIsMyLoveSlave Mon 06-Dec-10 14:21:07

I've never heard of a resistant one in RL (you know, in all those dinner-party conversations about worms we sit around having... grin]) but came across rumours of their existence when I was trying to find out how long they took to die (don't google around that, by the way -- there are stories on the web that I will require years of therapy to remove from my subconscious).

lucykate Mon 06-Dec-10 14:34:14

when ds had worms, took tablets in the morning, that night they were still there, but the next day they were dead.

AnAcupuncturist Tue 28-Feb-12 19:57:17

I'm very angry with Ovex. They only supply 1 tablet as a treatment for threadworms, Pripsen (which seems to be very difficult to get hold of these days) used to supply two; one initially to treat adult worms, then one two weeks later to kill the hatchlings. Both makes of medicine provide 100mg of mebendazole per tablet. These days Ovex only sell us one dose per treatment. On the side of the Ovex pkt it says "A single dose of this medicine will kill threadworms. However, it may not destroy their eggs, which can cause reinfection and also re-infect other people. It is therefore strongly recommended that all members of the family...are treated at the same time and that precautions are taken to revent re-infection". How inexlicit can you get! What it means is, you need a second dose in the window of time between the eggs hatching and those worms becoming old enough to lay their own eggs. No measurable length of time is indicated. It seems to me that Ovex has somehow bullied Pripsen out of the market. The Pripsen pkt gave you two tablets.

It's my personal opinion that 100mg of mebendazole isn't always enough and general guidelines for killing larger roundworm are one every morning and evening for three days then a follow up (same dosage) two weeks later.

It is suspected that some people have them chronically and never know. Theoretically, if not eradicated they (the cycle and their legacy) can last a lifetime. I read somewhere that 25% of acute appendicitis patients have them (they can live in and irritate the appendix) and they never knew before their operation - only to be told by the doctor afterwards.

Threadworms mainly only make themselves evident in the depths of Winter.

They don't necessarily come out whilst you're in bed because you're nice and warm, they would come out at night anyway. Even if you work night shifts, this is when they would become most active.

I regularly used to deworm myself (whether having symptoms or not) using Humaworm - a fantastic herbal capsule made by a company in America but recent EU laws have meant they can no longer ship to the UK. Now I am left only with buying stupid amounts of Ovex (can't get Pripsen) and these are expensive. Believe me they cost about 30p each to make (I bought them in India for 28p each). I'm so cross that Ovex now dominates the market, they're over priced and only give us half of what they're supposed to. I'm cross. Cross...cross....cross.....

Lizcat Wed 29-Feb-12 11:52:05

AnAcupuncturist have you thought about buying the family pack with four tablets?

elizsia Wed 30-Jan-13 01:05:34

Senna or senna Tea, Colon Cleanses from holland and barrets, garlic wrapped in gauze and inserted into the anus. Coffee enema for adults only... Colon Hydrotherapy... There are many ways to destroy them... Start with Ovex, then Start taking senokot to clear the bowels... Then Reintroduce Ovex in 7 days to 14 days.... Eat foods that Parasites cant digest, this includes Spicy Food... For Adult, Drink Wormwood Beverages... Eat Raw Garlic Every So Many Days, as its a Poison pill to a Parasite...... Once they are gone, you need to Flush out the Eggs, This Can be Done With Colon Hydrotherapy...

Starve The Parasites of Any food they can use. Eat food that Good For You, But Bad for them... Spicy food, Garlic... Take Probiotics Also to increase your Friendly Bacteria...

Drink Lemon and Lime Juice also... Coffee is a Bowel Mover if you can drink it..

BE ON THE ALERT, Parasites are very Productive, The World Population Being Affected by Parasites is Increasing Because Sanitation Is Not Everyone Number 1 Priority.. Parasite Infestations are on the Increase world wide... Just live a Virus, they are a Hidden Danger and Alot of the Time you dont know if you have them...

Weight gain issues and eating habbits are caused by parasites.. or Toxins in the Gut... Adult Should Go for a Colon Cleanse Diet, And Try out a Colon Hydrotherapy Session...

The Big Problem is this, Sanitation... Virus's and Infestations Spread Because many Families and People Choose to not Wash their Hands after going to the Toilet, And Even Stroking a Pet or Letting a Pet Lick you can Tranfer a Parasite infestation... PETs dont have sanitation Intelligence, Dogs pick up anything.. Cat also.. DE WORM PETS also... COOK Meat Well Done, Dont Eat Fish Raw....

I see Chefs on tv and Have these Thoughts about their Nails Being Clean.... Everyday you need to Look at what your Doing, Toilet? Clean Nails, Garden? Clean Nails, Scratching your Head or Body? Clean Nails, Cleanse Your Hands, Using a Public Toilet? Take Bleach Or Something, and Clean That Seat Or Just Dont USe them for a Number 2 or even number 1 in some Cases.... Sitting On the Grass Or A Pavement, Dog Poop may have need there, end even where your hands Touch, Playing Football on a Field Were Dogs May Have Pooped, you touch the Ball, Contamination by a Football.... Playing Building a Snow Man on the Grass were Dogs may have Pooped? Also So On...

Look at all the Thinks were personal Hygene is Needed, Mostly all the Time.... Its Always Tranfered from something or Someone Else... Sometimes they Key is to Stay away from people with Poor Hygene completely... Dont Shake Hands With Anyone Without a Way to Clean your Own Hands.... Your Go to the Pub? Breading Ground for people that Dont Bother to Wash their Hands, Trust me, Ive Noticed....

MEN and Dogs are Clearly the Main Source of this Cleanliness laziness.

Finaly, Your home is your Castle, Make it a Parasite free place... Parasites are the number 1 cause of most illnesses...

Dont Forget the more Important info at the start of this Comment...

elizsia Wed 30-Jan-13 01:11:19


crazywomen99 Sat 23-Mar-13 11:59:01

@ AnAcupuncturist - I've read your comments on other forums; you're a scaremonger and really not helpful..

@ Elizsia - You're obviously one of those freko women that blames men for everything; your final sentence would be better edited to say that "There is no important info in my comment as I'm simply a bigoted woman that has issues with men and will liken them to animals in the hope that someone hears my cries"..
I think you'll find that most people visiting pubs drop their hygiene standards, especially after a few drinks.
We have communal toilets at work and I frequently hear other women going to the loo and bolting out of the cubicle without washing their hands... You're probably one of them.

The important part of this comment is this: Ovex works.

billem Sun 09-Jun-13 22:11:31

Well said crazywomen99 - have also seen anaccupunturist's comments on this subject and found them uninformed and unhelpful......

I have just had to take Ovex but four days in I am still finding the odd ringing the doc tomorrow for advice.....will take another dose if he says is OK.....thankfully, my children or hub don't seem to have contracted them but has made me over paranoid that everywhere in my house has a layer of worm eggs on it!!! Its ridiculous cos since I found I had them I have been over careful......cleaned the bathroom, my bedroom......stripped beds, hot washed them, towels, contaminated towels and underwear are put into a bag so I don't waft eggs everywhere.....where does it end!!! Right I'm off to have another shower just to be even more OCD with the hygiene!!! grin

storm3 Fri 01-Jul-16 19:40:47

Can u give ovex suspention to dogs

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