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10th month old and sickness bug

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Murl Sun 05-Dec-10 16:13:40

Hi my DD has had diarrhea (sorry if that is spelt wrong!) for the last couple of days and has been off her food, but still eating some bits and still drinking milk fine. I put this down to teething as she has been fine in herself.

However, she was sick this morning and has had very watery diarrhea all day. So presuming she must have a bug. She still seems fine in herself and does not have a temp.

I have continued to give her some milk and also gave her a small amount of lunch, which she was eager to eat. Also offering water all the time, which she drinks fairly well.

If this is a tummy bug do I need to just give her water for a while, or is there anything else I should be doing? Although she seems fine in herself I am worried about her and am not sure what to do for the best. Any advice? thank you thank you

mears Sun 05-Dec-10 16:17:22

NHS advice

Feed her as normal if she wants it.

RumourOfAHurricane Sun 05-Dec-10 17:31:04

Message withdrawn

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