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Chest infection advice required

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Flowerbomb Sat 04-Dec-10 10:05:09

My DS is rather prone to chest infections. A couple of months ago he had a cough and really struggled with his breathing, his chest and neck were recessing etc (if that is correct terminology) took him to A&E and they gave him an inhaler/spacer, kept him in overnight and gave him antibiotics.

Anyway, they said he will probably need the spacer/inhaler next time he gets a cough/cold. This morning he has started sneezing, really runny nose and has the symptoms of a cold. I have looked at his chest and all looks ok, breathing seems normal healthy.

Is a cold linked to a chest infection, because he is prone is it probable it will turn into one or are they not linked like that?

Obviously I am keeping a close eye on him but more info would be helpful and I would contact nhs direct/hosp if his breathing changed just any info would be helpful at this stage.

USoRight Sat 04-Dec-10 11:46:04

Yes unfortunately most chest infections start off as colds. What I've read happens that a lot of inflammation is set off by the cold virus, particularly in the upper airways. Other factors come into play and the bottom line is that a secondary bacterial infection follows the viral one, and that is what usually is far worse. Obviously this would need antibiotics, but giving them when there is no evidence of lung involvement is not usually done.

cold viruses often set of asthma symptoms in children with asthma.

I think you are doing the right thing. Carry on watching his breathing, also fever, wet cough, chest pain. It wont necessarily develop into a chest infection. Hope not!

peeringintothevoid Sat 04-Dec-10 12:43:47

Yes, colds are linked to chest infections, but that doesn't mean that he'll get a chest infection every time he gets a cold.

You're doing the right thing in keeping a close eye on his breathing, and I agree with what USoRight said above.

Do you ever include garlic in his food? If so, give him plenty at the moment - garlic is a natural antibiotic and it's a great herb for the respiratory system, as it's excreted on the breath, so disinfects the lungs a little bit with every breath. It's also an expectorant. It might help prevent the cold from becoming a chest infection.

You don't say how old he is... if he's very little, and/or you don't want to include garlic in his food, you could try rubbing cloves of garlic on his feet - I've read that if you do this with small children you'll then smell it on their breath. I've never tried it though; I just feed DD lots of garlic!

Obviously, this suggestion is not intended to replace conventional medicine in any way. smile

PixieOnaLeaf Sat 04-Dec-10 13:34:35

Message withdrawn

Flowerbomb Sat 04-Dec-10 13:41:06

Thank you so much all for your advice. He is just 2. The dr did say when we were at hospital before that he might need his inhaler each time he gets a cold or cough so I should perhaps like you say start giving him it.

I haven't heard about garlic I'll give him some garlic bread and see if he likes that if not i'll shove it in anything.

Thank you, very very appreciated.

ThwopGoesTheMooncup Sat 04-Dec-10 13:47:46

My DS is also prone and has a nasty chest infection at the moment. I felt very guilty at the docs because I thought it was a cold! Still I took him in anyway.
I think it did start as a cold as others have said.
My docs have told me if he ever has a bad cough to take him in to be checked out. We have the inhaler and spacer too. Hospital have also told us to count his breaths and if he goes close to 80 breaths per minute go to A and E. Sounds like you are doing all the right things, but if you are worried just take him to doc. Was your little boy premature? Mine was hence his chest problems.

Flowerbomb Sat 04-Dec-10 14:06:39

No he was 10 days late and a whopper, also no history of asthma in family, just one of those things I suppose. Thanks for advice.

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