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Bumped Girl Bits

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MeelooMouloo Fri 03-Dec-10 21:37:32

My 2 yr old daughter has attempted to step into my laundry basket and slipped bumping her girl bits (she had no nappy on as she's potty training and not mastered pulling pants/bottoms down yet). There was no blood but she has brusied the side of the inner labia (hope that's the right term). She's obviously sore but is passing urine etc fine without any discomfort but she won't let me wipe her and complained when I put some Bepanthen on.
Has anyone else had a similar experience with their toddler and should I take her to see the GP/walk-in centre to be on the safe side?

Flowerbomb Sat 04-Dec-10 10:00:14

Can you phone NHS Direct for advice. Think that if the skin is not broken then it would just be bruised and therefore probably nothing they could/would do. You could give her some calpol incase it is painful for her which it probably would be.

It is probably tender for her.

Bless her, hope she is alright this morning. Lots of cuddles required.

USoRight Sat 04-Dec-10 11:53:27

I did this at the same age and my mum took me to A&E. I still have horrid memories of people with torches looking at my girl bits! The only problem that may arise is not being able to wee and as she is doing this I personally wouldnt bother. (They made me sit on a potty til I weed)

Having worked in A&E and NHSD I have to warn you that you will be looked at a bit suspiciously as bruising to the vaginal area is obviously linked to child abuse. I am sure you would not have posted so openly on here if that is the case, but departments are very hot on looking into this type of thing.

DD is probably a bit tender but weeing OK. I'd just give her some calpol and monitor for increasing swelling, not weeing etc.

MeelooMouloo Sat 04-Dec-10 20:04:01

I work in social service based organisation so fully aware of the implications of turning up at A+E, don't fancy the grilling I'd get about it.
I have had another good look at it today and although red and sore looking there is definately no broken skin and it is no worse than yesterday. She's been to the loo fine all day and also climbing, riding her rocking horse etc. without any discomfort, just isn't happy being wiped too close which is understandable. She's had Calpol before bedtime and I'm going to continue monitoring it for any inflamation and fingers crossed she's learnt the lesson of not messing in the washing basket.
Thanks for your replies though, put my mind at ease.

CharlieBoo Sat 04-Dec-10 20:32:43

Bless her heart, just keep an eye on it, treat just like a normal bruise...its just in an awkward place..

The things they do!! My 18 month old dd sky dived off the dining chair she'd climbed on to get her big brothers felt tips! Lovely big egg on her head just in time for Xmas photos at school!!

Hope your dd feels better soon

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