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DS says it hurts after urinating usually in the morning

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Colourworld Fri 03-Dec-10 17:39:32

DS often complains his P hurts after going to the loo. It looks fine, not red, nothing swollen. I tell him it happens because he does not go to the loo during the night and that is why it hurts. He should not hold but wake up. A few months ago we showed him to his GP but he did not notice anything abnormal. But I feel sorry for my DS because he says he feels pain. I have tried to find out whether the pain is tickling but he says it hurts, nothing tickling. He is 5. Am I right that this happens because of not going to the loo during the night? My husband thinks it could be because of the toilet paper which DS uses to wipe him self out after urinating which I doubt. I am thinking of bringing him to GP again and ask for a refferal to the specialist. But if nothing looks abnormal how are they going to check him? Or is it something little boys experience as part of growing up?

USoRight Fri 03-Dec-10 21:21:10

tbh it is not usual to have pain simply from not urinating overnight. However if he had a sore area under his foreskin, the stronger morning urine may sting more than the dilute day time wee. I would take him back to your GP. They can do a simple test at the surgery to rule out infection, but it does need investigating imo. Maybe other mums with boys have similar? My DS never complained in this way.

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