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Diarrhea,nappy rash - not sure whats caused it!

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AbiBub Fri 03-Dec-10 13:35:43

Hi All

haven't been on here for a while to post.

I apologise in advance for being in depth!!

I have a 20 month old son. In the last few days (but the worse has been today) our poor DS has had the runs. It's been more runny today then yesterday, yesterday was more like semi solid and today is more like watery with tiny solid blips in it. Its quite greeny yellow, and although I am changing them immediately (they stink to high heaven!)he is getting nappy rash on his bum and also on his bobbles (looks so sore )

He is hating having his nappy changed (I totally understand why though!) is very tearful when I do it.

What he eats. When he wakes up, he has a 6oz bottle of formula. About 1-2 hours later he will have porridge. He will go down for a nap and just before he will have another 6oz bottle of formula. When he wakes up he has, mashed butternut squash mashed sweet potato and 2-3 teaspoons of orchard chicken from the jar. Water, and also a yoghurt.

For dinner he has beans, apple, biscotti and a slice of cheese. Then when he goes to bed he has his final bottle of formula (6oz).

His diet has not changed as for some reason he is liking samey samey at the mo. The only differences that have occured in the last few days are:

He had a small portion of homemade cauliflour cheese on tuesday. (he has had this before, but quite a while back). In the cauliflour cheese sauce I do use a spoonful of english mustard (could it be this, has anyone else had this reaction to mustard?). I would have thought the reaction would have been only half a day later, but who knows how quick his system works!

The other thing diet wise, is on the 1st december (obv, and you will see why) he has had a small Milky bar choc from his calendar. He doesn't really have choc a lot just a small bite here and there and it's normally milk choc not milky bar. Has anyone elses child had an aversion to Milky bar?

The only other different thing is that on wednesday early evening, we all had a 10 minute play with the snow. We wrapped him up like you wouldn't believe and he seemed warm, but could it be he has caught a chill on his kidneys and this is what is causing the runs??

I think thats everything. I would really appreciate some idea's and also advice on this, I feel so bad for the little chap.

Oh and he doesn't have a temperature, normal as usual. When I have been changing his nappy, I have used cooled boiled water and cotton balls, letting it air, and then when I put a fresh nappy on I just put Petroleum jelly on. does this all sound ok??

Would positively love some feedback on this as quite confused!

TIA. x

AbiBub Fri 03-Dec-10 13:54:19

Also just had a thought - could it be that he has started to have an intollorance to the apple?? (after thought, apologies!)


eldritch Fri 03-Dec-10 14:12:46

Maybe he has a tummy bug? My DS (15 months) has had something similar last week, just diarrhoea but no other signs of illness. He's fine now, but sadly DH and I have it now! Alternatively, could it be the dreaded teething nappies?

AbiBub Fri 03-Dec-10 14:42:11

Hi eldritch

Thanks for the reply. It could be a bug, the thing with these sorts of things is you just can't tell, I just want him better!!

I thought about teething - he has 16 teeth (some of the molars are finishing off coming through, but they have all broken. So I checked his teeth this morning (risky!) and there are no signs of any of the last for coming through yet, not even slightly red gums.

I have to say considering he has 16 teeth - I don't think I have ever witnessed a teething nappy, are they like how I explained his was then??

My main thought was either the mustard or the chill??

It's sooooo confusing!!


AbiBub Fri 03-Dec-10 14:43:41

oh and I hope you and your DH feel better soon!!x

eldritch Fri 03-Dec-10 16:13:46

Thanks, I am feeling better today (even lost some weight so not all bad! grin). Teething nappies (IME) can look a bit like tummy bug nappies anyway so it's difficult to tell - but neither is very pleasant! Hope your LO is better soon too.

AbiBub Fri 03-Dec-10 16:36:12

awww thanks - because of the nappy rash, I gave him some out of nappy time, he ended up pooing (the runs) on the floor!! nice!

I just hope the rash subsides as that is the worse bit,because it hurts him so much!

If anyone else would like to comment, please do.


Montifer Fri 03-Dec-10 16:47:11

Your poor DS, does sound like a tummy bug, it's horrible when they cry because their bums are so sore.

After 2 years I have finally discovered Metanium bum cream, seems to soothe and heal sore bums really quickly and is a good barrier too.

AbiBub Sat 04-Dec-10 14:13:15

Hi Montifer, thanks for the comment. We got bepanthen and it seems to help (sorry providence!)

I tell ya it doesn't look like fun, and I wish I could take it away immediately.

I rang the doc and he called back and said it is prob a tummy bug. He suggested to take the little chap of Dairy for a few days (in my head I was screaming! our little man doesn't like a wide variety of stuff!)

But I am going to stick to that as I would rather him a bit grumpy and on the mend.

Doc said he can still have his formaula, but to do his porridge with water. Which I did this morning. He has had 2 poo's today first one was darker and more clumpy. But the second one was more greenish brown and loose. Sorry for the in depth description! I just want it to end for the poor mite!

Has anyone ever know a kid that doesn't have a lactose intollerance have MILKYBAR not agree with them?? Only I forgot to ask the doc whether he thought it was that either?!


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