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Teeth discolouration

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SirBoobAlot Thu 02-Dec-10 22:56:07

DSs two front bottom teeth have come through at an angle. They point inwards, in a "V" shape. Because of this, its very difficult to clean his teeth properly, and today I noticed that the outward points are a brighter white than the inside

I feel terrible, but cannot actually physically clean his teeth more or better. He doesn't have sweet things (he's 13 mo). He has a good, healthy diet.

Has anyone got any suggestions? Should I take him to the dentist for her to have a look? Will they get better as they straighten out? Will they straighten out?

starsareshining Fri 03-Dec-10 07:42:36

My son is 2.11 and has what I would consider to be a fairly good diet where I attempt to restrict sugar intake and I also clean his teeth regularly. However, there is still some discolouration. I don't know how normal that is but I'm thankful that they're only his baby teeth and it's not too noticeable. We are going to see the dentist on Tuesday so I'll see what he says then.

At least he's not fed on a diet of junk and having many teeth out as a pre-schooler like one child I know!

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