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spots round mouth

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theywillgrowup Tue 30-Nov-10 21:36:16

hi,ds3 had that nasty virus going around 2weeks ago,any last few days has 3 big spots come out around his mouth 1 is deffo a white head,other to look a little "scabby"

thought it could be a cold sore but dont look scabby enough and is not complaining of them hurting,eating normally etc

he is nearly 4,do you think this is just an effect of winter,dont remember my other to getting this

any thoughts?

nessaustralia Wed 01-Dec-10 09:23:29

Hi, I would call into your GP, never heard of this either, surely if it was a wind chill it would be chapped and sore, you could try some sudacream for the time being and see what that does??

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