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Medised, Calpol Night and Calcold not available to under 6s but the exact same thing Dozol is ...

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nappyaddict Tue 30-Nov-10 16:31:46

The active ingredients in Calpol Night, Calcold, Medised and Dozol are Paracetamol 120 mg, Diphenhydramine hydrochloride 12.5 mg per 5ml spoon.

However Dozol is the only one available from 2+, all the others are available from 6+.

So, either buy Dozol or if you want to continue with the others you can pretend it is for a 6 year old in the knowledge that is actually safe to give from 2 years old. Medised was originally available from 3 months+ so if you decided that you still thought it was safe to do so you could use the following doses for any of the above medicines.

The original doses for the 3 months+ Medised are:

Under 12 months: half to one 5ml spoonful 3-4 times a day
12 months to 6 years: one to two 5ml spoonfuls 3-4 times a day
6 years to 12 years: two to four 5ml spoonfuls 3 times a day

You nust leave at least 4 hours beteen doses and give no more than 4 doses in 24 hours.

USoRight Tue 30-Nov-10 20:15:28

Do you know if this is a sedating anti histimine: Diphenhydramine hydrochloride.

Does it have another common OTC name like Nightal?

Im asking as DGS has been prescribed phenergan (he's 2) as he's 50% owl. Phenergan not working well so far, but upping dose as prescribed. DD and DSIL have not slept through for 2 years now. Wondering if this Dozol may work better. He already has small dose of melatonin!

BNF wont let me in without paying.

thisisyesterday Tue 30-Nov-10 20:20:03


i am still getting through my old bottle of medised which is from 3months, but will bear this in mind!
have never heard of Dozol before though

USORight yes it is a sedating antihistamine

Suckmybaubles Tue 30-Nov-10 22:07:43

Thanks for that nappyaddict. Just bought Medised the other day and was trying to figure out what the dosage would be for <6

nappyaddict Wed 01-Dec-10 11:05:25

This says it is effective within 15-30 mins of being taken and the sedative effect of the antihistamine lasts 4 to 8 hours.

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