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Severe GO Reflux

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Preciousdaisybear Tue 30-Nov-10 09:20:48

Hi my DS3 seems to have really bad GO reflux. On ranitidine but does anyone know whether 7 months old can take liquid gaviscon? He has sachets for bottles. He has stopped being sick and is struggling to burp, when he does it is really painful and he then swallows a lot of air cos he is so upset! Vicious circle!

Igglybuff Tue 30-Nov-10 09:24:05

No - you need to use the infant gaviscon as prescribed. Are these the sachets you have?

Also are you weaning? Some foods can trigger the reflux - in my DS's case it was dairy, soya and acidic fruit (tomatoes, oranges). Also nothing remotely spicy or interesting.

I would look at the bottles he's using to see if you can stop him taking down so much air. Also is he feeding in large quantities - might be making it worse. Little and often is better.

Also check the ranitidine dosage - when was he last weighed? DS had a growth spurt around 6 months so had to up the dose a fair bit.

strawberrycake Tue 30-Nov-10 15:01:44

Things that help my ds ( 6 m/o)

-Feeding smaller amounts but very often (bit newborn like still)
-Exaggerated happy faces and fun when eating (he is a reluctant eater because of the pain and has food aversion)
-gripe water, but only for big feeds to make burping easier
-tummy time, lots and lots

I find lots of distraction works now he's older, like banging his wooden spoon on metal and face pulling. Prevents him getting into a state.

Also my ds turned out to be dairy allergic, the symptoms are near gone now he's cut it out. Are nappies normal?

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