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Does anyone's 5 year old suffer from migraines?

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Lozza83 Mon 29-Nov-10 20:08:02


My daughter has been ill with the same thing twice in about a month. Now I know that kids get illnesses easily but her symtoms seem like those of a migraine.

- headache
- feeling and being sick (very often)
- sensitivity to light

Both my sister, my nan and I all suffer migraines with aura and get them to quite a bad extent where we can't talk because the thoughts don't match up to the words that come out, we get pins and needles in our face mouth and hands, we can't see properly and we get sick about every hour for a day then the headache comes after for about 4 days. I didn't get these migraines till i turned 10 and it didn't click until my daughter said about the lights... this is the second time she's had it within a month and moaned about the it possible my 5 year old daughter is suffering migraines?

moosemama Mon 29-Nov-10 22:13:09

My ds1 started getting migraines when he was 6 years old. He went through an intensive period of them, starting with abdominal migraine and eventually classic migraine with aura.

He is 8 1/2 now and tends to get them if he is overtired, has gone too long without eating or drinking or is very stressed about something.

Migraine runs in our family too, with myself, both sisters and Mum and Dad all suffering from them.

I would take her to the GP for a check up and if possible start to keep a diary of when they happen, what she's eaten beforehand etc.

Fwiw, they didn't do anything for ds1's migraines. They just told us to monitor him for early signs that a migraine is imminent, then give him a full dose of child ibuprofen and put him to bed to try and stave it off.

We have become pretty good at spotting the signs now and can usually catch them early enough to ward off a full blown attack.


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