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DS 1.10 feverish but cannot get calpol/ibu into him - advice!

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stirlingstar Mon 29-Nov-10 18:01:51

DS2 is 1yr 11 mo

He has been ill with bad cold / virus since fri evening - it's been going round at nursery.

Saw OOH doc on Saturday evening as respiratory rate quite high and feverish (he has had bouts of brochitis/wheezing in past but fine for last few months). Doc said he thought no chest infection, said to continue usual fluids, calpol etc.

Problem is - since Sunday morning he has refused to take any calpol or ibuprofen. He has eaten a very little and is drinking limited amount. He continues to have heavy cold and off & on fever.

Should I be worried about not being able to get any drugs in to him? What should I do. Fever seems to be at about 38.5 when up. He is unhappy & lethargic, but awake etc.

Have tried force feeding, tried disguising calpol in yogurt etc, tried offering a chewable tablet. He has refused or spat out all, and VERY distressed when have tried (about 3 times) to force with syringe. Have tried calpol, boots version calpol, calpol tablets and kids nurofen.

alibubbles Mon 29-Nov-10 18:39:24

Ask your doctor for paracetemol suppositories, a brilliant way to give fever reducing meds. He might be iffy as they are expensive, but in France where i stock up they are 3 euros a box. In Europe they hardly ever use syrup, medication all goes up the bottom, and it works fast!

bubbleymummy Mon 29-Nov-10 18:42:12

If the fever isn't making him miserable then let it run its course. Fever is a good thing- it's the body's defence against illness. Just let him fight it off- many doctors don't recommend treating fevers under 39 degrees now. Just watch out for other symptoms worsening. Hope he feels better soon.

stirlingstar Mon 29-Nov-10 18:42:15

Thanks - will take to GP tomorrow and try that.

bubbleymummy Mon 29-Nov-10 18:45:13

You might find this reassuring.

stirlingstar Mon 29-Nov-10 18:45:16

X-posts bubbleymummy - he is v miserable but not getting worse. It's awful to see him suffering when he could easily feel loads better with some paracetamol - but also wanted reassurance that running the fever won't harm him. Thanks

Suckmybaubles Mon 29-Nov-10 19:58:03

Belladonna homeopathic remedy good for fevers (available from Boots etc) but suppositories best & fastest way. Also, have you tried aiming syringe sort of between the back teeth, seems to go down easier. My DS used to be the same with meds at that age, now at 3 asks to be given meds, go figure.

boredwithfoodprob Tue 30-Nov-10 11:45:49

My DS, 2.4 is the same. We have had to give him lots of medicine lately due to an ear infection. We just ended up bribing him with jelly babies/haribo/choc button etc which worked well!! Not great for teeth etc but we figured the most important thing was getting the medicine down him.

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