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Early symptoms of "The Pox"??

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Suckmybaubles Sun 28-Nov-10 22:13:24

My lo & friend's lo were exposed to a lo with chicken pox (before rash appeared) 13 days ago, now both our lo's are: restless in night, off food, loads of funny nappies, flatulence, indigestion, runny noses. Are these the early signs of "The Pox"? And we're both due to travel soon too hmm

systemsaddict Sun 28-Nov-10 22:18:08

Mine's just had it, started with a very restless night and cough and cold symptoms but no tummy problems. First spots appeared 14 days after exposure exactly. Her whole room at nursery has had it in 3 waves: one little boy, then 14 days later another 8 of them, then 14 days later my dd and 3 of her friends. So the timing would be right; just keep an eye out for spots.

AngryPixie Sun 28-Nov-10 22:20:40

My little one is just getting over it (2.10yrs) He had a runny tummy a few days before and was more tired than usual and kept screwing up his eyes (his first spots appeared on his lower eyelids) No temperature. Spots appeared last Tuesday and he's sailed through it I'm glad to say. DS1 was proper poorly with it.

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